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Ezra Bridger (born 19 BBY on Lothal), the main protagonist of the Rebels TV show, is played by Red in this portion of the game. He is the first character to be introduced in this theme, which takes place in Lothal, and then on appears in the rest of the theme and can also be purchased as a power-up. He is also given a level in the Rewards Chapter if the player makes enough points with him as a power-up.


He is Red but with dark blue hair long fancy hair with several strands, dark blue eyebrows. He wears an yellow kimono with a brown belt with a metal gun.


Ezra, like all of the other characters, is given a unique ability never used before by previous characters. He can shoot a yellow-colored laser beam in whatever direction the player taps to, destroying the wood and glass blocks in its path. Like other laser-based characters, his beam will deflect off of metal, which can be used to the player's advantage in harder to reach locations. It will also destroy the metal that it bounces off of, so the player should aim for blocks in towers that can easily be knocked over.

The more blocks that the beam goes through, the weaker it becomes. Thus, if the player shoots at multiple blocks of glass and wood before it bounces off of metal, it will not as effectively break the metal, only damaging it.

Ezra's blaster will blast strongly before quickly dying out, so the player should keep this in mind when using it. (though it does not take time in finding its path)

The laser will also fizzle out when it comes in contact with indestructible material (such as the ground) and will disappear if the player aims at the sky.


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