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Super Red[1] is a transformation that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is an alternate state of Red, achieved by passing through a wormhole.


As Super Red, Red is physically identical as his normal self. However, his crest and tail feathers were slightly altered to look more futuristic and with a pointy end. Perhaps his most notable change is his eyes, which now look like a black mask with two shiny eyes.

In Angry Birds POP Blast, Super Red was given an anthropomorphic body. He now has two wings and two bird feet, and his head is directly connected to his torso without a neck. However, the rest of is body remains unaltered.

Game appearances

Angry Birds Space

Red transforming into Super Red, from Angry Birds Space.

In Angry Birds Space, Super Red makes his debut as a transformation that replaces the normal Red. At the start of the events of the game, Red assumed this state by passing through a extraterrestrial wormhole he used to go to space.

Super Red in action, from Angry Birds Space.

In gameplay, Super Red is a playable character that first appears in the first level of Pig Bang. He would later appear in the next episodes, the Mirror World levels, and the tutorial levels for powerups. Like his normal state, Super Red is rather weak, though he can destroy wood pretty easily. Due to this, he is mostly used to weaken buildings as the game progresses. When tapping onto the screen when he is launched, Super Red will make a small scream that will produce small red waves that will push Space Pigs upwards. Despite being rather weak and having a small radius, these waves can damage and pop pigs.

Angry Birds Friends

Super Red dressed up, from Angry Birds Friends.

In Angry Birds Friends, Super Red appears as an avatar in the Bird-O-Matic.

Angry Birds Chrome

In Angry Birds Chrome, Super Red appeared on a menu item which was an advert for Angry Birds Space which was later replaced with another menu item.

Angry Birds 2

In Angry Birds 2, Super Red appears as a profile picture unlocked in Oinklahoma.

Angry Birds POP Blast

In Angry Birds POP Blast, Super Red is a character that appears in the Space Race.

Powers and abilities

Super Red's eyes can work as a radar, allowing him to track pigs and eggsteroids.


Main article: Red/Angryverse/Angry Birds Space/Gallery


  • He is one of the only 2 members of the Space Flock to appear in more than 2 games.


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