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The Red Battle Droid is a character that appears in the Angry Birds Star Wars series. It was a robot model created by the Pork Side, and a red variant of the Battle Droids.


The Red Battle Droids's physical appearance is exactly the same as that from the Battle Droids, except that their bodies are made of red metal. Resembling a pig, the Red Battle Droids have minor details such as two small ears on their heads and a snout-like accessory on their faces to look like one. Their eyes are two large, crimson circles, both of which have a diagonal line in between.


The Red Battle Droids only appear in Angry Birds Star Wars II as extra characters affiliated to the Pork Side. As such, they can only be used in any level as long as the player has one. When tapping anywhere onto the screen when a Red Battle Droid is launched, it will shoot three laser shots to said destination. One shot will go straight to the location, while the other two will head to the sides. Gathering 100.000 points using Red Battle Droids will unlock one level of Reward Chapter for them.

The costs of the Red Battle Droid are as follows:

Product Cost (in Credits)
+10 100
+30 200
+100 50
Permanent 1000


Similar to the Battle Droids, the Red Battle Droids are mindless and obey their master's orders. All Red Battle Droids are connected to one single mind, which means that they all behave the same. However, said mind somehow came out as a stupid one instead of an intelligent one, meaning that the Red Battle Droids are generally clumsy and head to obvious dangers without them knowing it.[1]

Powers and abilities


All Red Battle Droids wield a laser gun which they can use to shoot laser shots to attack enemies.


  • The Red Battle Droids share the same ability as Lando from the Bird Side.


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