Red Planet
Episode number 6
Levels 30
New features Objects:
Fiery Asteroid : Level 5-5
Released August 23, 2012
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|} Red Planet is the 6th episode in Angry Birds Space. It was released during the morning of August 23, 2012. In the trailer, after travelling a great distance, the Mars Curiosity Rover has still not found anything but the Space Pigs and the Fortress being destroyed. Then the rover detected the Ice Bird on it and therefore ending the transmission. The Rover then re-transmits the transmission to the message of Red Planet Update that came this fall.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Fresh from their victory in Utopia, the Space Flock heard disturbing rumors about a red planet on the other side of a pig-shaped nebula. The Space Birds investigated, only to narrowly avoid a plummeting satellite. They watched open-beaked as a parachute unfurled, bringing the strange craft safely down on the planet's scarlet sands. A robotic rover buggy trundled out onto the red planet, ready to explore - but the Space Piggies were nearby and had different plans. The swine swooped in, stealing the space buggy, hoping to convert it into the ultimate egg-snatcher.



In the beginning cutscene for Red Planet, the episode starts when the Angry Birds find the landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover. The Space Pigs also saw it and thought it could be useful for stealing Eggs, so they hijacked it, making the Birds chase it along with the pigs.


The Birds defeat the pigs who hijacked the Mars Curiosity Rover. They retrieve the eggs, take the rover and run the pigs over with the Mars Curiosty Rover and drive away.

New things


Fiery asteroids (Fiery Asteroid) - Introduced in level 6-5. They are similar to frozen meteorites and popcorn kernels, only when the crumbs explode, it destroys most obstacles just as easily. There are also small, smoking volcanoes with steam, known as steam geysers, which send the birds, pigs, and blocks to the direction it is facing.

The blue Crystal Shards - Worth 3,000 points like most shining objects, excluding Eggsteroids and Rovers.


The levels also consists mainly multiple red planets. Sometimes extra surfaces of the levels with fissures of lava can be seen in the levels as well.  The background of the levels is a yellow sky with stars similar to Eggsteroids only with a more dusty tint, surface of the Red Planet (possibly Mars), dust clouds from top to bottom, and a planet seen in a distance that sort of looks like Jupiter. The background music of Red Planet has sounds of boiling magma and lava.

Red Planet is a hard episode. Later levels in this episode are much harder than early ones. Level 6-9, 6-16, 6-20, and 6-25 are very hard levels. Level 6-9 and 6-16 are the levels that are insanely hard to get three stars.

  • Easiest Level: Level 6-1
  • Hardest Level: Level 6-25