Template:SpaceLeveltabs Template:Theme Infobox Red Planet 5-19 is the nineteenth level in Red Planet and one hundred and nineteenth level in Angry Birds Space overall. This level is possibly one of the funniest level in Red Planet.


To make 3 stars is quite hard and need a bit luck to defeat all the pigs.


For Red Planet 5-19, launch Orange towards the bottom pile of blocks, pushing that debris onto the steam geyser. Then quickly launch the second bird towards the top pile of blocks for maximum damage and points.[1]


  • This is the one of the three levels in Red Planet that have only Orange Bird in game. (Others are 5-9 and 5-24) And one of the five levels in Red Planet that have Orange Bird. (Others are 5-9, 5-24, 5-29 and 5-30)



Angry Birds Space Red Planet 5-19 Walkthrough 3-Star



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