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Red Planet 5-28 (Angry Birds Space)
Episode Red Planet
Level Number 128
Birds Sequence Template:Space BirdTemplate:Space BirdTemplate:Space BirdTemplate:Space Bird
No. of Pigs Small Pig: x9 Medium Pig: x3
Foreman Pig: x2
3-star Score ThreeStars (Transparent).png: 141,000 points
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Red Planet 5-28 is the 28th level in Red Planet.


2 or 3 stars in this level is extremely hard for some.


Launch Blue Bird towards the center bubble pigs, splitting early. They should destroy all three bubbles. Then launch Red Bird towards the bottom fiery asteroid to send it onto the bottom half of the main structure. Finally, use Terence to push the big asteroid towards the top half of the remaining structure.

Another strategy is to launch Blue Bird in north-west direction, aiming for the blue crystals above, followed by hitting the grey asteroid with Red, & finally pushing the fiery asteroid directly by Terrence.[1]



Angry Birds Space Red Planet 5-28 Walkthrough 3-Star


Rover 4 is coming! It's in the north between the crystals. Use any bird to reach it with a straight shot using the geyser steam.

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