Return to Angry Birds Rio is a trailer released by Rovio on February 21, 2014.

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The birds receive a postcard from their friends in Rio, but getting to Brazil isn't easy as you think. Get your party gear on and celebrate the samba carnival with those fun-loving Angry Birds!


The box is afloat from the ocean, when we see the birds inside the box. Red looks at the postcard and finds out that the postcard is from the friends at Rio de Janerio, Brazil, and the birds are very happy to hear that. Chuck, Red, The Blues, Matilda, and Terence celebrate until they came to the wrong city. The city they went that they thought was Brazil, was actually rainy London, England. They came back into the box and made a second attempt at going to Brazil, and they celebrate again, until the city they went is not Brazil, either. They actually came to sandy Greece. They come back into the box yet again, but this time, the box is inside the airplane, and the box drops to another city they think is Brazil. They celebrate, but this city was definitely not Brazil, either. It was actually the snowy forest. They came back into the box yet again, but being very mad as they slapped the box shut. Red was known that the birds will never make it to Brazil this way, so Red checked if it was Brazil, and he said no to that. Red checked again, but he also said No to that too. Red checked again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and finally, Red checked if it was Brazil for the last time. Red said No to all other six trips, one trip, they were on the moon. And at night, the box crashed down, and the birds were sure they were back home, empty-handed from Brazil, until Red heard that they finally made it to Brazil, and the birds were inspired.


Return to Angry Birds Rio!-1

Return to Angry Birds Rio!-1

Welcome back, Birds, to Rio de Janerio! Get your party gear on if you're celebrating!

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  • During the last seconds of the trailer, the text said "Coming Soon in Digital 3D: Rio 2. Only in Cinemas".
  • At some of the places the birds went, you could make out pig city and the garden from the short fuse trailer.
  • When the birds were on the moon, if you look closely, you see Finland's flag. This is appropriate to viewers, the origin of the Angry Birds started in Finland.
  • While they try to reach Rio, the birds went to:

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