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Angry Birds Rio is the first Angry Birds game in the series that features boss levels. Unlike Caged Birds, Marmosets or even Bad Piggies (characters) from previous games, these bosses moves at its own will and try to avoid the attacks from the Birds. The bosses however not always appear at the final level of the episodes as some of them still acts as normal level with special conditions. The true bosses levels were always indicated by a unique boss music played at the background. some bosses were accompanied by minor enemies which must be defeated too along with the bosses. The episodes that doesn't feature any bosses or special targets are Golden Beachball, Rocket Rumble, Hidden Harbor and Treasure Hunt.

Boss Levels[]

These levels is the ones that feature moving bosses and has the boss music played. Defeating them gives 10000 points.

First Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Jungle Escape
  • Level: 2–30
  • Boss: Nigel
  • Methods: Try to find the good aim in order to hit Nigel. Everytime he gets hits, his flying pattern becomes unstable.

Second Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Carnival Upheaval
  • Level: 4–30
  • Boss: Mauro
  • Methods: Mauro will jump from platforms to platforms, try to avoid the balloons that appears from the Chicken cart. Everytime he get hits, the balloons spawned more rapidly and his jumping becomes faster.

Third Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Smugglers' Plane
  • Level: 6–30
  • Boss: Nigel
  • Methods: have a similar fight with Jungle Escape's fight with the difference Nigel's health becomes stronger and more objects presents to hit him

Fourth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Market Mayhem
  • Level: 7–30
  • Boss: Mauro and the Marmosets
  • Methods: Mauro will acts same jumping from platform to platform. But this time, the marmosets join the battle! Keep in mind even after Mauro's defeat, the marmosets must be cleared too in order to complete the level.

Fifth Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Blossom River
  • Level: 11–20
  • Boss: Nigel and the Marmosets
  • Methods: Nigel will be shielded behind a door and it's impossible to hit him before defeating all the marmosets. 2 of them are special marmosets that jumping around and has similar feature as Mauro. As all marmosets being defeated, the door will open and you can hit Nigel. Should Nigel being pushed towards the switch will activate a detonator and blows Nigel along with the whole ship

Mini-Boss Levels[]

These boss levels are pretty much a same level as normal level, with the a special target were placed or a special conditions are met.

First Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Smugglers' Den
  • Level: 1–30
  • Boss: Caged Blu and Jewel
  • Methods: Destroy all caged birds just like normal level including caged Blu and Jewel.

Second Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Beach Volley
  • Level: 3–30
  • Boss: Beachball Fortress
  • Methods: This level doesn't feature any bosses, but feature Luiz the dog. Should the birds drop the beachball will make Luiz appear and catch the ball, destroying fortresses and defeating marmosets in the process.

Third Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Airfield Chase
  • Level: 5–30
  • Boss: Rio Skydiving Tours Plane
  • Methods: The Plane is taking off from the Airfield along with some caged birds. The player must free the birds first before entering the plane while avoiding the crates that was dropped from the plane. The plane's altitude may change during the level.

Fourth Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: High Dive
  • Level: 10–20
  • Boss: Caged Nigel
  • Methods: Hit all switches that was scattered around the level to drop all rock doors guarding a special cage. After hitting the switches, hit the cage to free Nigel

Fifth Mini-Boss Level[]

  • Episode: Timber Tumble
  • Level: 12–20
  • Boss: Machines
  • Methods: Defeat all marmosets just like normal level. As the marmosets were defeated, the machines would be torn down in the process.


  • Defeating a main boss doesn't use a special score sprite but instead use an object damage scoring
  • The boss music actually stopped when all enemies were killed, not just when the boss defeated. This is evidenced in Market Mayhem when the music still plays even after Mauro was defeated first.
  • If one not counting Rio Skydiving Tours Plane and The Machines in Timber Tumble. Angry Birds Rio only has two bosses which is Nigel and Mauro. making it an Angry Birds game that has a least bosses from others.
  • Both Nigel and Mauro has variants.
    • A weak Nigel appears in Jungle Escape while a stronger one appears in Smuggler's Plane.
    • Two Marmosets in Blossom River is actually just a reskin of Mauro.
    • Rio 2 Nigel in High Dive acts as an enemy while his appearance in Blossom River acts as boss. The latter however are one hit kill making it the weakest boss in the entire game.
  • Market Mayhem 30 and Blossom River 20 is the main boss levels that feature minions.
  • Blossom River is the only true Rio 2 boss level and feature more than one boss.
  • Rio 2 main antagonist Big Boss as well as Nigel's minions Gabi and Charlie doesn't make any appearances either as boss, an enemies or even cameos.
    • Timber Tumble 20 may represent the battle against Big Boss and the loggers.