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In late January 2011, Rovio Mobile announced a version of Angry Birds as a tie-in with the animated film Rio, titled Angry Birds Rio.

The game was released on March 22nd, 2011. Below are the characters that appear in the game.


General Info
Powers Pulled by Jewel (chained)

Shaking up and falling (himself)

Call the flock of birds (Timber Tumble Levels)

First Level Appearance: Rio 4-15 (chained) Rio 7-1 (himself)
Gender: Male
Species: Spix's Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii)
Locations: Many since 4-15
Strength: Normal
Size: Large

Tyler Blu Gunderson, or simply, Blu, (known as Blu in the game) is the main protagonist of Rio and Rio 2. He is a rare species of blue macaw that originated from a bookstore in Minnesota, taken by unseen smugglers and shipped to Rio, the same fate to later be suffered by the Angry Birds, as their species (Red, Blue, Yellow, etc;) are also described as rare.

The Angry Birds don't meet Blu until the very end of the episode Smuggler's Den, where he is locked up in a cage next to Jewel, the only other Spix's Macaw in existence. When Blu and Jewel are freed from their cage, they don't fly away like the others, but instead, they act like a Golden Egg. He is later used in Jungle Escape as a playable bird in the Rio Theme 6-15, connected to Jewel. When tapped or clicked, Jewel will fly forward with Blu being pulled behind her.

He is still armed with Jewel in Beach Volley. However in Carnival Upheaval, he is separate. Blu, this time, has a new ability. Once he hits an object, he'll shake himself up causing spreading of objects. He was later kidnapped by Nigel at the end of this episode. Yet in some levels in Airfield Chase and Smuggler's Plane, you use Blu, however he was rescued at the end of Airfield Chase. As Blu and Jewel hop onto the slingshot, Blu makes a battle cry. He is Jewel's husband.

In the trailer, Red, Chuck, and Jay see the eggs, they scared of a cage, and go to Rio de Janeiro to Meet Blu and Jewel.


General Info
Powers Flying horizontally straight (chained)
First Level Appearance: Rio 4-15
Gender: Female
Species: Spix's Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii)
Locations: Many since
Strength: Normal
Size: Large

Jewel (chained to Blu) is the deuteragonist of Rio, and appears alongside Blu, trapped in the same cage that he is contained in, as she is the only other Spix's Macaw. Once she is freed, she becomes a usable Bird, but is only used in some levels in Beach Volley, the final level of Jungle Escape and a couple of Market Mayhem. She makes Bomb's pain noises. She was kidnapped by Nigel in the episode Smuggler's Den on the final level, then got free by the Angry Birds. She is chained to Blu, and when clicked or tapped, she flies straight forward. As shown in the Rio movie, she has 3 baby macaws.


General Info
Powers Flying around
First Level Appearance: Rio 4-15
Gender: Male
Species: Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
Locations: Rio 4-15 and 12-15
Strength: Strong
Size: Large

 Nigel the Cockatoo, known simply as Nigel, is the main antagonist in Rio, Rio 2 and Angry Birds Rio. He is an evil Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo. He kidnaps the Angry Birds along with other rare species. He is battled in the last level of Jungle Escape as the first boss character in the entire Angry Birds series. Nigel appears as the Angry Birds' first enemy that moves on its own. He has appeared in theme 4-15 and theme 12-15.Nigel is stronger in level 12-15 than in level 4-15. You get 10,000 points if you defeat him. Nigel also appears trapped in a cage in level 20 of High Dive. He will laugh at the birds when freed and cannot be defeated. This is his only appearance where he must not be fought.


General Info
Powers Unknown
First Level Appearance: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Toco Toucan (Ramphastos Toco)
Locations: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Size: Unknown

Rafael is a Toco Toucan who is the the father of 18 Toucan Kids also one egglet' and Eva's husband. He is non-playable. He tells Luiz to remove the chain to free Blu and Jewel. He is a background character.



General Info
Powers Running towards beach balls, even through parts of structures.
First Level Appearance: Rio 6-15
Gender: Male
Species: Bulldog
Locations: Rio 6-15
Strength: Normal
Size: Large

Luiz is a bulldog from Rio. In the movie, he assists Blu and Jewel by helping to remove the chain from their legs. In the game, he appears in Beach Volley level 6-15 as a non-playable character who assists the player on 6-15.


Luiz running

During game play, as soon as the first beach ball hits the ground, Luiz will appear and chase it, then pop it for points. As each new ball hits the ground, he will run after it and pop it. If marmosets or crates are in the way of him reaching the ball, he will destroy them, as well.

Players do not have any direct control of Luiz, but can use the birds to try to drop beach balls strategically to cause Luiz to destroy anything and everything on the bottom row of level.

Luiz's game sprite appears with two brown front legs rather than one white and one brown. This was most likely done for ease of animation. ​

If you drop an egg bomb or explode on him, Luiz will be able to jump.

Nico & Pedro

Nico is a Yellow Canary who wears a soda bottle cap for a hat, and Pedro, Nico's best friend, is a rapping Red-Crested
Cardinal. Despite not making an appearance in the Angry Birds Rio game at the time, Rovio did make plush toys of Nico & Pedro. They might make an appearance in the Rio 2 episodes as playable characters or in the cutscenes. (Nico is playable

as a powerup, Pedro apears in a cutscene/trailer.)


Bia is a Pink and Black Tree Frog, she helps Nigel in the 2nd Movie. However, she didn't appeared in any level on the
Angry Birds Rio Bia
game but appeared on some photos, happy with the birds.


Charlie is an big mute anteater, he is the last character of Nigel's Gang, and appears in the official trailer (On the Rio Logo). In the
Rio 2 Charlie


movie, Nigel calls him as Insect-Eating Idiot. He doesn't appear in any level of the game.

See more about him here

Scarlet Spix Macaw

The Red Spix Macaw is a playable character, but is also, extremely rare, anyway the only Playable character to be, surprisingly, actually, formerly, a enemy of the flock, because of being villainous at the beginning of the second film,they later become good.They appear flying together with Blu in the Call the flock power-up.

The only playable bird who i like(BECAUSE HE,S EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!)

Samba Bird

Samba Bird is a bird from a exclusive power-up called ''Samba Burst''.


The Samba Bird looks like Red  but has a Samba Hat and a happy expression.


Marmoset 1
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Rio 3-1
Gender: Male
Species: Marmoset
Locations: Many
Strength: Can be weak or strong
Size: Can be normal or large

Marmosets are small monkeys who are the "minions" of Nigel, sent to defeat the Birds after they escape from Smuggler's Den. These Marmosets act in the role of antagonists, as the Pigs do in the Classic Angry Birds game. Unlike Pigs, Marmosets can roll back right-side up after being tipped over. They occasionally survive after falling. Their hit boxes are also rectangular, as opposed to the pigs’ round “hitballs”

Marmosets do not take damage when bounced onto floaties or parasols. In the final level of Carnival Upheaval, the head of the marmoset, Mauro, appears as a boss.


  • Marmoset appear in the Rio 2 levels, but in the movie, they are abscent.


Mauro sm
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Rio 8-15
Gender: Male
Species: Cottontop Tamarin
Locations: Rio 8-15 and Rio 14-15
Strength: Strong
Size: Large

Mauro is the leader of the marmosets and Nigel's henchman. In Angry Birds Rio, he appears as a boss in level 8-15 of Carnival Upheaval and in 14-15 of Market Mayhem. In Market Mayhem, he brought along some of his army of Marmosets to assist him. It takes a lot of damage to defeat him. The best tactic to defeat Mauro is to use the White Bird's egg bombs.

Upon defeating Mauro, players are presented with a new story cut-scene. While you are on the level, he jumps from platform to platform until you defeat him. If a player does not defeat him, Mauro's face appears on the failure screen.

Mauro is distinguished from the other Marmosets by several features. In the game, he appears much larger than the other Marmosets. In the game and the movie, he has brown fur, not gray and has a paperclip in his hair. In the movie, he wears a gold watch as a belt. He has far too much bling and is a master at Capoeira.

Caged Birds

Caged Birds
General Info
Powers None (except Blu and Jewel who can fly straight forward)
First Level Appearance: Rio 1-1
Gender: Male and female
Species: Macaws (Blue and Gold Macaws and Spix's Macaws), Crimson-hooded Manakin, Scarlet Ibis and Honeycreepers
Locations: Four unknown places
Strength: Weak or medium
Size: Small, medium and large

Caged Birds are a few species of birds (purple, pink, red, blue, yellow and green; also a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Scarlet Ibis) that appear in Smuggler's Den, The Airfield Chase and Smuggler's Plane as prisoners of the Smugglers. It is implied that they, like the Angry Birds (Red, Jay, Jake, and Jim, Chuck, Bubbles, Hal, Matilda, Bomb and Terence.) are rare species as the official game trailer refers to them as, "exceptionally rare species". The other birds try to free them from their cages by slinging themselves at the cages; when a cage breaks, the caged bird flies away.


Caged Amazon River Dolphins

They appear caged in in water-themed episodes, on the water parts, being the same thing as the
Angry Birds Rio Amazon River Dolphin
caged birds.

Smugglers (Characters)

These are the smugglers who captured the Angry Birds. They appears in the final level of Airfield Chase.

Foreman Pig (Moustache pig)

Moustache pig makes an cameo appearance in the final cutscene,he was trying to get the eggs along with the minion pigs but, failed as the Smugglers' Plane fell near them.
Foreman Pig

Minion Pigs

Pigs make an appearance in the final cutscene and as a balloon.
Minion pig 240

By Size

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