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Rise and Swine
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Bad Piggies

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36 levels + 9 bonus levels

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Ground Hog Day

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Rise and Swine is the second episode in Bad Piggies. It has 45 levels and had been updated on July 22, 2013.



A hungry Ross, Mechanic Pig, and a Minion Pig (possibly Ross' best friend along with Mechanic Pig) are making a cake-shaped sandcastle at the beach. After Ross ate the cake-shaped sandcastle (and spit it out), they smell a different, huge cake that Chef Pig is carrying, but unfortunately, their awful driving causes Chef Pig to destroy the cakes, and then Chef Pig warned the other pigs about King Pig's anger.


Later, the King Pig was very angry with the pigs for losing the cake, then Ross, Minion Pig, and Mechanic Pig gave him the big cake that they recovered, and then King Pig happily eats the cake.

Introduced items

  • Suction Cup Wheels
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Grappling Hooks
  • Soda Bottles (Revision)
  • Power-Ups


  • Rovio posted two teaser images after the release of the episode.
  • Chef Pig has his Angry Birds Toons form, as his shadow is seen in the first cut-scene.
  • Its title is a pun on "Rise and Shine", a term used when everybody is waking up in the morning.
  • This marks the first time the Chef Pig makes an appearance in official Rovio apps, even though he makes brief cameo appearances. This means that Bad Piggies is the first game to include the Chef Pig.
  • Rise and Swine was put between Groundhog Day and When Pigs Fly. It is unknown how this is going to work.
  • There are three new items: Suction-cup Wheels, Boxing Glove and Grappling Hook. Soda Bottles get a revision.
  • The update brings a seventh new level in Road Hogs, along with two new Sandbox Levels.
  • It's possible the 3 pigs are on the beach because King Pig is mad at the pigs for being tricked in both "When Pigs Fly" and "Flight in the Night", because of what Jake, Jay, and Jim have done to them.
  • The background looks like the one in "Groundhog Day", but earlier.
  • In this episode, the pigs found a new friend at the beach.
  • On Bad Piggies's official Facebook page, they announced desserts for Dessert Mode. They can be collected in many levels, then afterward you can feed King Pig to get powerups.
  • King Pig's Castle makes a debut in the Rise and Swine Part 2 update. It appears at the ending cutscene and the "Feed King Pig Mode".

July 2013 Update

In July 2013, Rovio added the next 30 levels to Rise and Swine. In these levels, there is a grappling hook that allows the vehicle to grab on to nearby landscapes and swing to its destination. The hook somewhat works like Batman's grapple. Also, you can collect various cakes to feed King Pig in Dessert Mode. This is technically the first-ever time it is Chef Pig's first game appearance, since, in the last update, he was just a dark silhouette. In this update, he appeared as his full self in a cutscene, and also Dessert Mode as a background cameo that hides behind a pillar. Also, power-ups are introduced, meaning all the Angry Birds apps now contain power-ups.

There are 4 power-ups: Super Glue, Turbo, Magnet, and Mechanic. Also, there is another Mechanic Pig called the Super Mechanic, which automatically builds your vehicle for all levels to gain 3 stars. It costs $0.99 on iOS. Super Glue makes the vehicle almost indestructible, making some levels much easier. The Turbo doubles your engine power, so you can have the power of two engines with the use of one, which is useful if you only have one engine, but multiple-engine vehicles can move dangerously fast. The Magnet attracts nearby cake and star boxes, making it easier to 3-star levels and earn more cakes to use in Dessert Mode. The regular Mechanic acts like it always did, but now has more options on purchase quantities.





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