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Rise and Swine 2-ll  is the second cave level of Rise and Swine unlocked by obtaining 8 stars in the second row.

3 Star Walkthrough

Vehicle Model

The player is officially recommended to build a vehicle the following way:

  • Add a boxing glove set to the right with a wooden box below.
  • Skip two vertical spaces and build a vehicle with two wooden blocks to the left and right and a metal block in the middle. Add two wooden weels below the wooden blocks, fill the block's space with Ross in the middle and two Boxing Gloves set down in the side blocks.

The player can also use Mechanic Pig to build this model.


Ross Star

Punch the vehicle with the left Boxing Glove and make the vehicle go near a rock, then activate the boxing gloves to jump on the finishing line.

Star Boxes

To get the Star Box on the left rock, activate the boxing gloves when almost reaching the rock, then activate the boxing gloves again when the vehicle's bottom rotates to the left.

To get the Star Box on the right mountain, activate the boxing gloves not-so-near the finishing line. The vehicle must go to it straight.

Alternative Video Walkthrough


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