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Rise of the Clones is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Star Wars II. It is located on Coruscant in the Bird Side and on Kamino in the Pork Side. It consists of 20 main levels, with only two extra levels, unlike the previous three which had four.


Bird Side[]

The Bird Side version of Rise of the Clones takes place on the ecumenopolis planet of Coruscant, underneath a pink sky during daytime. In the background, many peach-colored skyscrampers and buildings are seen, probably the most notable of which being large buildings of Red, an egg, and a slingshot.

Pork Side[]

The Pork Side version of Rise of the Clones is located on Kamino during a storm. The background is full of blue bases from the Pork Side with snout-like decorations. Every level is flooded with water.


Angry Birds Star Wars II[]

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, the Bird Side members were staying in a hotel on Coruscant, until Obi-Wan Kenobi spotted Zam Wesell and her army spying them. Thus, they went against her, finding an army of disguised Stormtroopers supporting them. In addition, Mace Windu and some Jedi Younglings helped them as well. Having a battle against Wesell, the heroes took down her for good. However, victory was short-lived, as Kenobi saw Jango Fett escape to Kamino. Aiding with his "son" Boba Fett, Jango managed to defeat Obi Wan and throw him to the waters, leaving the planet satisfied in the process. However, they were unaware of the fact that Kenobi survived the attack.


Bird Side[]

Levels in the Bird Side version of Rise of the Clones take place in the sky, with platforms being supported by beams. These platforms can be damaged or brought down by hitting or pushing them. There are also tubes that will push characters and objects away. The bottom of the screen also serves as a bottomless pit; at that region or below, objects will be destroyed instantly, Pigs will Pop immediately, and Birds will disintegrate.

Pork Side[]

All levels in the Pork Side version of Rise of the Clones are flooded, making water the main gimmick of the chapter. Due to the strong thunders, wind will slightly push away objects; water will do the same, but it will be pushing object with even more force. Similar to the Bird Side version of the chapter, there are platforms connected to the ground through beams. In addition, malfunctioning electrical pillars appear as an object; when the player hits them, they will spread electricity through metal objects, similar to Darth Sidious's ability. Depending which direction the wind heads, the lower right or lower left will act as an instant death trap, with anything that enters that area being destroyed.


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Bird Side[]

Image Level 3-star tips
Level B4-1
Level B4-2
Level B4-3
Level B4-4
Level B4-5
Level B4-6
Level B4-7
Level B4-8
Level B4-9
Level B4-10
Level B4-11
Level B4-12
Level B4-13
Level B4-14
Level B4-15
Level B4-16
Level B4-17
Level B4-18
Level B4-19
Level B4-20

Pork Side[]

Image Level 3-star tips
Level P4-1
Level P4-2
Level P4-3
Level P4-4
Level P4-5
Level P4-6
Level P4-7
Level P4-8
Level P4-9
Level P4-10
Level P4-11
Level P4-12
Level P4-13
Level P4-14
Level P4-15
Level P4-16
Level P4-17
Level P4-18
Level P4-19
Level P4-20


Bird Side[]

Main article: Zam Wesell

As a boss, Zam Wesell drives her speeder at high speed, generating a wind effect similar to the Pork Side version of Rise of the Clones and the boss level of the Bird Side version of Escape to Tatooine. When players launch their birds, she will shoot the birds to stop them; however, the Jedi characters can deflect the shots with their abilities. The speeder that the slingshot is placed on is indestructible; the others are loaded with either Battle Droids or objects. The player must defeat Zam and the Battle Droids accompanying her to win the level, causing them to fall off the bottom. As in the prior levels, the bottom can destroy anything that comes into contact with it.

Pork Side[]

Main article: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi returns as a boss from the Battle of Naboo, retaining his deflection powers. The slingshot is placed on Jango Fett's ship. While Boba Fett is present in the level, he cannot be used since he is the one piloting the ship. Boba will use the cannons on his father's ship to blast any Birds visible to him.


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Bird Side[]

Pork Side[]

Name in other languages[]

Language Name English translation
Spanish El ascenso de los clones The ascent of the clones
Russian Восстание клонов (Vosstaniye klonov) Rise of the clones


  • The name of the episode is a reference to Star Wars Episode ll: Attack of the Clones on both sides.
  • This is the first chapter that is set in two different planets.
  • Rise of the Clones is the only chapter whose settings are not featured in Master Your Destiny.
  • The background of the Bird Side version of Rise of the Clones appears as the main menu of the game.

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