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Template:Infobox episode 2Rise of the Clones is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Star Wars II. This episode it is set in two different planets: Kamino and Coruscant. Its based on the beggining of Attack Of The Clones.

Introduced Birds

  • Anakin Episode 2 (Template:Star Wars II Birds)
  • Mace Windu (Template:Star Wars II Birds)
  • Jedi Youngling (Template:Star Wars II Birds)

Introduced Pigs

  • Boba Fett(Template:Star Wars II Pigs)



  • This is the first episode that is set in two different planets.
  • In the pork side boss, when there is an enemy with items around it gone, the spaceship will fire the blaster at it.
  • Obi-wan use the force to push things around in the boss, like in Battle of Naboo.
  • Jedi Youngling appears in 4 levels: B4-13, B4-14, B4-15, and B4-19.
  • Level B4-19 is the only non-boss level to have five birds in a single level.