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Robo-Tilda is the fourteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and the ninety-second overall.

This episode was aired on January 22, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

Can the pigs get away with secretly replacing Matilda with a robot look-alike? Surely not - for very long.



The episode starts with Matilda gardening. Meanwhile, in the nearby bushes, two Minion Pigs were getting their plans together; using a plunger from a distance to pull away Matilda's cabbage away from her. It worked and as soon as Matilda regained the lost stolen cabbage, she found herself in a cage with the Minion Pigs kidnapping her.

While this was happening, another two Minion Pigs in a vehicle made to resemble Matilda saw the successful kidnapping of her, allowing them to observe who else could stop them from stealing the eggs, in this case, Chuck. They went over to him as Matilda to convince him to let "her" take care of the eggs.

While that was happening, the two kidnappers taking Matilda accidentally had the cart stumble on a piece of rock, which caused them to lose control and crash into a tree in a forest. One of them cried in a pain while Matilda yelled unsuccessfully for help but then yelled at both of them to stop crying so she could him of his injury. Both pigs saw her kindheartedness and decided to be nice to her.

As the "Matilda" was going towards Chuck, Jay saw it and said hi. Soon after, he saw his brother sunburnt. This caused jake to remove his sunglasses to also scream, which also caused Jim to look at his mirror to see himself all fried by the sun, resulting in him screaming in horror. They quickly rushed to the "Matilda" and asked it for help for Jim's sunburnt condition. The two Minion Pigs looked for a solution and found it: their fire extinguisher. They proceeded to spray the foam at them and went on to get the eggs.

Back to Matilda and the Minion Pigs, a few more turned up showing their appreciation for her kindness. As that was happening, "Matilda" finally reached Chuck, who realized that he could let it take over the watch for the eggs and left, which allowed the Minion Pigs to easily steal them. As "Matilda" returned, it was apparent that Matilda was having a blast with the Minion Pigs, including trying to wrack a King Pig pinata. Just as she was done, she noticed the "Matilda", screamed at the Minion Pigs and left to grab back the eggs, much to their dismay.

She went to confront "Matilda", snatched the eggs back from it along with the two drivers before throwing both them and the vehicle at the place she was having fun at. The Minion Pigs, still sad, suddenly heard a crash. They turned to see "Matilda". Rejoiced, they put a party hat on it and cheered.



  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016.
  • Bomb is listed in the credits, but he does not appear in this episode.


  • This is the second time one of the colors was temporarily changed without it being a bird's ability or mocking. This episode was actually The Blues which Jay was totally sun burned. The first was Stella in The Prankster which Poppy pranks her with red feathers.