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Rock On! is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Stella Animated Series.

Toons.TV Description[]

Poppy's beloved gong was completely destroyed in the attack on the big tree. How is she supposed to play in the band now? Just saying, sometimes it pays to have a super-scientist/inventor as a friend.


At the start, the flock is playing a song with Stella being the lead singer, Poppy on the drums, Willow with a harp, Luca playing a tuba, and Dahlia on a pipe organ. Poppy tries to bang her gong at one point during the song, but it doesn't make a sound. Poppy gets upset and throws down her drumsticks. Stella tries to fix the problem by pecking at the gong, and it appears to be fixed. However, when Poppy is about to hit it, the gong breaks. Then Willow comes up with a metal lid, but it hardly makes any sound. Luca starts imitating a gong, and Poppy is about to hit him when the rest of the flock pulls him away. Poppy starts to cry.

Then, Dahlia takes the drum set to her lab and shows a newly improved drum set with a larger gong to Poppy. A beat starts to play from the drum set, and Poppy goes up to play. Stella starts singing a faster song and the band plays along, but Poppy bangs her drums too fast that the whole drum set explodes. Dahlia gets mad and the flock leaves Poppy alone.

A new sound startles Poppy, it is water drops hitting a pan. Poppy gets an idea and gives a doorknob-like thing to Luca. He initially rejects it, but then he puts it up to his mouth and plays a sound. The others look on and Poppy begs for them to come down and make new instruments. When they're done, Luca pecks on something that makes water drop onto some tokens. The band plays a new song with the instruments, but Poppy does a drum solo. Stella wakes up that night to try and stop Poppy's solo by throwing a tennis ball at the drum set, but it creates a new beat. Poppy continues to play, much to the chagrin of Stella.

Characters (in order of appearance)[]



  • It is the first episode without antagonists.
  • This is the first time Poppy cried.


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