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Ross (also known as Freckled Pig) is a pig who first appeared in the game Bad Piggies. He is a basic pig the player controls in that game and the secondary antagonist in The Angry Birds Movie while Leonard is the main one. He usually reacts to how the player controls the vehicle, he will be frightened or enthusiastic. Ross can propel gray wheels, fans, propellers, spring-loaded boxing-gloves, and suction-cup wheels. When the player is stuck, Mechanic Pig fixes the vehicle that Ross rides. Ross appears in Angry Birds, in the Bad Piggies cut-scenes, where he is trying to take the eggs from the birds but he remains undefeated, while Mechanic Pig, Foreman Pig and King Pig are defeated.

Ross additionally appears on Angry Birds Epic as Prince Porky where Wiz Pig (Chef Pig) & himself tries to steal the eggs for King Pig with a troop of Minion Pigs. He was commonly referred to as "Freckles" by fans until Rovio revealed his name to be Ross. Ross has also been through various disguises, from a gentleman to an alien, and been in several vehicles.

Ross makes a small reappearance in The Angry Birds Movie 2, where he is seen running with his things as the Ice Balls reached the city. He also appears on some posters, with his boss Leonard.

A pig similar to him appears in Angry Birds MakerSpace.



Ross as seen in The Angry Birds Movie

He is a Minion Pig, but with freckles, who sports talent for creating and piloting vehicles.


Ross is Leonard's right-hand pig. He's not the smartest pig of the bunch, but will always try to do things right. He approaches his job with great enthusiasm. Whether serving as a piggy diplomat greeting the birds with warm hugs or attempting to operate contraptions like zip lines and escalators, Ross is usually doing it with a silly smile on his face and a perky curl on his tail. On the other hand, Ross is shown to be trusty and fun-loving when doing a dance-off or doing whatever others like.


Early life

Ross was born on Piggy Island, in Pig City.

The Angry Birds Movie

During an unknown point in his life, Ross met the future King of Piggy Island - Leonard Mudbeard. He later began assisting him and accompanying him during the Bird Island Expedition. He disembarked from The Porkchop Express along with Leonard, but failed to stop the elevator. Once he stopped the elevator, he was ordered to give hugs to various Birds including Helene, Officer Bill Beakins, and Stella to show how the Pigs show friendship but oddly refusing the Hug Trader after failing to hug Terence. At Stella's Flock's performance, he along with Leonard offered the Birds special gifts including, the Trampoline with John Hamm and Oinky on and the slingshot. Along with several fruits, He and the other pigs slingshotted Red for demonstration. He accompanied EarlLeonard, and a few other Pigs in a tour of Bird Island led by Stella and laughed at Red's suspiciousness. He along with Leonard and the other Pigs steal the Birds' Eggs and sailed to Piggy Island. Ross tragically became one of the earliest casualties of the Battle of Pig City, after a rock hit him, while he was nonchalantly serenading other Pigs who were excited by the day they would feast on the Eggs they captured. When the Birds attack their city and  ChuckBomb and Mighty Eagle save the Eggs that were about to be boiled, Ross along with Leonard and the other Pigs corner Red protecting the Blue Egg from the Pigs. As the cauldron falls spilling hot water across the floor, Ross and the other pigs, excluding Red and Leonard (who are fighting for the Blue Egg) flee to safety. Along with several other pigs, he was defeated in the Battle of Pig City after being blown up by a huge dynamite explosion but survived as well and then danced with Leonard, after planning to steal the Eggs again from the birds.

Involvement in Bad Piggies

Ross was just a normal pig that carried King Pig's litter, until he found a telescope and the pigs found the eggs, then ordered Mechanic Pig to make a map of it, which Ross accidentally destroyed with a fan and was ordered to make vehicles in order to obtain all parts of the map, as depicted in the levels of Ground Hog Day.

He then was involved in other failed attempts in trying to get the eggs or food, such as:

On another day, one of King Pig's statues disappeared, and Ross went to El Porkado and took a better statue, successfully finishing the task and making King Pig happy and proud of him. He also survived the birds' attack when they found out that he was stealing the eggs.

Game Appearances

Bad Piggies

Ross as shown in a level

Ross appears in the game as a playable characters and essential material to the vehicles; without him, they cannot be piloted. He is involved in every plot of the episodes and is King Pig's loyal helper.


Ross occupies a block space. When there is no engine but a fueled part, he will start to move it by himself and start to sweat, his fuel is weaker than any of the engines. He has his own costumes, and wears Halloween costumes in Tusk Til' Dawn that can be wore if he is already with a costume, and an adventurer hat in The Road to El Porkado that can't be worn if he is already wearing a costume. The Halloween Costumes are the following:

  • Jason Mask;
  • Hannibal Mask;
  • Vampire Bat Mask;
  • Mummy Mask and
  • Devil Mask

He will react according to the situation he is on. He will smile when the player puts a good item (Relating to the level), when the vehicle is going on a moderate speed and without danger and when he finishes. He will be scared when the player puts an item that previously injured him or scared him, when the vehicle is extremely fast and is in danger. He will get hurt when he hits a solid object or surface and star dizzy birds will appear on his head.

Angry Birds

Ross appears in the button for the episode and cutscenes. He is helping King Pig to steal the eggs with his friend Mechanic Pig. He is defeated in none of them and appears in none of the levels.

Angry Birds Dice

Ross appears in the game as an unlockable and playable character, along with his boss, Leonard. He could also be fought as an opponent.


As the game is monopoly-like, the player has to roll the dice and make a determined number of steps until a point is hit, which the player gains property over something or fall into a trap. For more details about the gameplay, see here. He has also his power that can be activated, but it is unknown as the game was canceled.



  • In some images made by Rovio, it is revealed that Ross owns a house, a pig-shaped balloon, a skate, and a wooden plane.
  • Before the announcement of The Angry Birds Movie, where it was revealed that Freckled Pig would be called "Ross", Rovio released a "fake" comment where they say that Ross (yet unnamed at the time) had an actual name, but it was hard to pronounce, so fans started nicknaming him Freckles.
  • Ross is voiced by Tony Hale in The Angry Birds Movie, who also voices the Mime Bird and Cyrus in the film as well.
  • As seen in Pigs Can Fly, Ross has the hidden talent of singing. However, the actual singing was not really sung by a person, but a person under autotune.
  • It is implied that Ross is a diplomat (mentioned above in "Personality"). It is also known he has close ties to King Pig, even transporting him around in his vehicles.
  • Ross as Prince Porky resembles a stereotypical ginger person because of the freckles and orange hair.
  • A vector of Ross is seen on mudguards of a truck in The Angry Birds Movie.

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