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This article is about the remake & re-release of the 2009 game remaked into the 2012 version. For the original 2009 release, see Angry Birds (game).

"The classic is back!"
"Ugh, classic."
Red, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds (now known as "Red's First Flight" on the App Store and "Project Classic22" in development)[note 1] is a remake of the original Angry Birds. It released on March 31, 2022.[1][7] It is recreated on the Unity engine and is a premium paid game for $0.99.[8]


On June 22, 2021, Rovio posted a blog on their website and a tweet announcing that they would be remaking some highly desired delisted Angry Birds games, such as Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, as a response to the infamous "#BringBack2012" movement in the Angry Birds community in which fans wanted to see a "return to form" for the series and for the delisted older games to be put back up on app stores. Not many details were made clear about the project, and what games would get remade would remain unclear until on November 23, when Rovio posted their first "Dev Diary" explaining that the company will remake the original Angry Birds in the first quarter of 2022, and opened a Q&A on Twitter, allowing fans to ask questions about the project with the #BringBack2012 hashtag. In February 2023, the app got removed from Google Play and renamed to Red's First Flight on the App Store.[1]

A month later on December 22, they posted another Dev Diary answering some of the questions fans sent on Twitter. Some of the questions that were answered revolved around the rerelease being a separate application, progress not being transferrable, character designs, what content will be in the game and possible future merchandise based on the classic designs (like what was seen during 2019 with the Angry Birds Toy Factory plush toys).[3]

The third Dev Diary would release on January 26, 2022, revealing two screenshots of the remake, comparing them to the original version of the game.[6] The fourth Dev Diary, released on March 2, 2022, retells the story of how Danger Above 8-3 was initially proposed by a fan named Ethan, and confirmed that Mighty Eagle would reappear in the remake.[9]

On March 14, 2022, Rovio employees started publicly releasing information about that game and through the Rovio Gaming Discord server. One of the roles in the server was titled "Rovio Classics: Angry Birds".

On February 21, 2023, almost a year after the release of the game, Rovio revealed on their Twitter account that the game will be pulled from the Google Play Store on February 23, 2023, due to the game's impact on their wider games portfolio. However, the game will remain up on the App Store as Red's First Flight[4] because Rovio Entertainment Corporation wanted to explore other alternatives that allow them to have this game available to their fans. This option is part of a bigger plan that involves Red's origins. Rovio hopes that they can share more information about this soon.[10]

Changes from the original version


  • The remake has been developed on Unity, rather than Ka3D which the original version of Angry Birds used. It still uses the original game's physics engine, Box2D, however.[1][3]
  • The remake is paid so it lacks pop-up advertisements or microtransactions,[1][3][6][9] as opposed to the original version which became free on iOS in 2016 and was always free on Android, and feature pop-ups and microtransactions. However cross promotions to other Rovio games are present in the pause menu of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, like in the original.
  • Only episodes and golden eggs that were in the game by mid-2012 are in the remake,[3] which include:
  • The Mighty League is removed from the game because of its unfavorable reception and it being added in 2016.[3]
  • Power-Ups have been removed, due to the remake being a premium experience, although powerups were added in the Surf and Turf update.[3]
  • Mighty Eagle is no longer an in-app purchase.[3][8][9]


  • An easier method to put birds back in the slingshot was added. This means that instead of trying to put again the bird into the slingshot, the player has to tap the screen while holding onto the slingshot.
  • The player is now be able to zoom in or out of a level without accidentally pulling back the slingshot.[1]
  • You can no longer drop an egg onto other birds or affect them by a block, as it will go right through them. You also cannot bounce on birds that have not been launched.


  • More of the game's text became localizable, which allowed the game to be presented in more languages.[1]
  • The sprites for the birds and pigs have been reverted to the original sprites from before 3.0.0 (for the birds; however, Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, and Terence's blink sprites, Red, The Blues, Bomb, and Terence's open beak sprites, and Red, Chuck, and Bomb's flying sprites were kept the original sprites) and 4.1.0 (for the pigs) and in Angry Birds Seasons, also known as the pre-Chrome sprites.[3][6][9]
  • The logo used the 2010 logo, instead of the 2015 logo seen in Angry Birds 2 and onwards.[3]
  • Matilda erroneously seems to use her sketch-like design instead of her old finalized design.[6][9]
  • The pause button's rectangles are closer together than before.[6][9]
  • Bomb had a white dot on his head until it was covered with very dark green color that is hard to see.[11][12]


Playable characters

Image Character Level debut Special ability
Red Red Bird (Red) Poached Eggs 1-1 Shouts a battle cry when the screen is tapped.
Blue Bird Blue Bird (The Blues) Poached Eggs 1-10 Split apart when the screen is tapped. Work best against glass.
Yellow 23 Yellow Bird (Chuck) Poached Eggs 1-16 Speeds up when the screen is tapped. Works best against wood.
Bomb Black/Bomb Bird (Bomb) Poached Eggs 2-5 Blows up when the screen is tapped or automatically after a few seconds. Works best against stone.
Matilda Classic White Bird (Matilda) Poached Eggs 2-14 Lays an egg bomb which explodes upon contact with anything while she is launched up when the screen is tapped.
1570297599173 Green/Boomerang Bird (Hal) Danger Above 6-5 Flies backward in an arch when the screen is tapped, in a similar manner to a boomerang.
TerenceABClassic Big Red/Big Brother Bird (Terence) The Big Setup 9-1 Has no ability, but is one of the strongest birds, being able to easily destroy any type of block.
Orange Orange Bird (Bubbles) Birdday Party Cake 2-1 Inflates when the screen is tapped or automatically after a few seconds. Works best on wood before inflation, but can destroy any material well during inflation.
Stella transparent Pink Bird (Stella) Birdday Party Cake 3-1 Blows a bubble that can lift up materials and pigs when tapped or automatically after a few seconds.

Non-playable characters

Image Character Role
Mighty Eagle Mighty Eagle After pressing the eye icon next to the pause button, the birds are replaced with a can of sardines. When the can is launched, it will summon Mighty Eagle shortly after coming into contact with something. Mighty Eagle will then demolish anything in his path before flying back up, while also popping any remaining pigs in the level. Notably, Mighty Eagle is now free in this version of the game, instead of requiring a $4.99 (formerly $0.99) in-app purchase and has a cooldown of 1 hour (for levels that have not yet been cleared).


Image Character Level debut
Small Normal/Minion Pig (Small, Medium, and Large) Poached Eggs 1-1
Mediom pig Poached Eggs 1-14
Large Poached Eggs 1-5
Helmet classic Helmet/Corporal Pig Poached Eggs 1-21
Moustache pig Mustache/Foreman Pig Poached Eggs 2-21
KPSprite King Pig (Smooth Cheeks) Poached Eggs 3-21


Main article: List of Angry Birds Classic Levels
  1. Poached Eggs
  2. Mighty Hoax
  3. Danger Above
  4. The Big Setup
  5. Ham 'Em High
  6. Mine and Dine
  7. Birdday Party[13]

Game description


Rebuilt from the ground up, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds brings the classic Angry Birds experience to modern mobile devices. Pull back the slingshot, let the birds fly, and relish in the delightful destruction.


Rovio Classics: Angry Birds turns back the clock, delivering a recreation of the original Angry Birds game as it appeared in 2012 – including the chapters, levels, Easter eggs, and some extras as well!


Making its first appearance in 2010 as an in-app purchase, the Mighty Eagle is available in Rovio Classics: Angry Birds at no additional cost. Set this super-powered bird loose on tough levels to bring down the piggies with ease.


When the game released, many original and current fans of the series were overjoyed to have the ability to replay the original Angry Birds on their mobile devices, however they will later find out that some aspects of the game were incomplete. (See Rovio Classics: Angry Birds/Glitches) Some of the glitches were slowly patched throughout the year and fans were starting to play the game more. The game soared up the "paid games" charts to the top 3 positions across the globe.

A few months after the game's release, many fans were confused as to why there weren't any cross-promotions in other Rovio games for the title. The community manager for Rovio Classics: Angry Birds Buck stated it was due to the loss of revenue the company would receive and the lack of live events the game has.[16][17] The CEO of Rovio at the time, Alexandre Normand stated the game was "A secret to the community" and it was never the intention to "make the game hugely popular".[18]


Main article: Rovio Classics: Angry Birds/Glitches

This game is known for having slight gameplay differences from the original version. Thus, glitches can occur:

  • Golden Egg 1 does not work as intended. The Blue Bird that is supposed to hit the wooden triangle shoots towards the beach ball instead. The level is still passable, however.
  • Certain audio distorts when the player moves the camera, mainly when something is moved offscreen. When the camera pans to the left, the sound one is making pitches up. When it moves to the right, it pitches down. This is an example of the Doppler effect.
  • Many wrong sprites can be seen:
    • The first and third empty stars swap places, thus making it look inward.
    • Chuck and Bomb sometimes make their flying expressions when waiting in line.
    • Matilda uses her corpse sprite on the tutorial and title screen.
    • Bomb's tutorial shows his fuse to be blue, making him resemble his Shockwave counterpart, who is not in this game. Now, in version 1.1 of the game, this has been fixed into his original design.
    • Some of the pigs sometimes smile in the level starts.
    • Stella's idle and blink sprites are swapped.

Sound Effects

These sound effects were previously unused in the original version of the game.

Audio Name Description
Bad shot a1.wav Played when failing to break a structure or pig
Bad shot a2.wav Played when failing to break a structure or pig


For the gallery, see Rovio Classics: Angry Birds/Gallery.



  • Despite it being an enhanced remake released almost 3 years after the original game's last update, it features significantly less content due to it being based on the mid-2012 version of Angry Birds[3] (referring to v2.1.0), which has been met with a very mixed reception from fans. Rovio Entertainment Corporation did say they had not ruled out adding any of these in the future, but that statement seems to have been said to please fans and nothing more as the game has been discontinued now and no new content was ever added.[3]
    • However, Birdday Party has the cake-3 levels even though they were added at the end of 2012.
  • In the screenshots found in the third Dev Diary, the trails behind the birds are transparent like in Angry Birds Reloaded. This seems to have been fixed as of the fourth Dev Diary.
AB 2022 Sardines

The Sardines from the Dev Diaries

  • The GIF shown in the fourth Dev Diary which announced Mighty Eagle mistakenly had the fish on the sardines can as grey. This seems to just be an error with the GIF and the fish is pink, as it should be, in the game.
  • While the remake uses the original sprites, the second Dev Diary mentions that the sprites would resemble the sprites that were used in Angry Birds before its removal, implying that the sprites from Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Chrome and onward would be used. Even more confusing is how right afterward, the Dev Diary claims that the sprites would be "very similar to the style used in Angry Birds Reloaded", which is certainly not the case.
  • The game's logo is a callback to the logo used by Rovio Stars (the publishing division behind Tiny Thief and Plunder Pirates).
  • Starting on March 23, 2022, the Angry Birds Facebook and Instagram accounts changed their PFP's to the original 2009 app icon and the official Twitter to a classic-style Red on a TNT crate.
  • For the game's official cinematic trailer, many Angry Birds fans from Twitter are featured on Red's "Tweeter" feed.[19]
    • These fans are:
      • @SmileyFaceAB
      • @angry_facts
      • @BJBlueShadow
      • @AngeryShed
      • @Tuli87510033
      • @CallmeCarsonYT (Not apart of AB Twitter community but is there for some reason)
      • @Real_TSwany
      • @ABtoonsOOC
      • @AngryNetwrk (formally @AB__Network)
      • @AngryBirdMask
  • In one day of release, the game received over 10,000 downloads worldwide across the Apple and Google Play Store.[20]
  • The Super Bowl Golden Egg is surprisingly still in this version despite the license for Angry Birds Rio expiring due to The Walt Disney Company's purchase of Blue Sky Studios.
    • The link to the trailer was removed though on the "Level Cleared!" screen.
  • Bubbles and Stella are the only birds in the game to appear in only one episode, which is Birdday Party.
    • In the game's trailer, Stella is shown in a Mine and Dine Level, despite not appearing in that episode.
  • Sound effects that are played when a bird finishes its flight in this game are unused sound effects from the original game, which were also used for the plush toys and Angry Birds Mega Fling board game.
  • When released, the game was topping charts in many countries and is mostly in the top 5 of paid games on the Play Store and top 3 of paid apps on the Apple App Store.[21]
  • After the game's release, employees of Rovio and some Angry Birds Twitter fan accounts were given a limited edition Commonwealth inspired Red plush toy. The plush was not made by Commonwealth however and was instead made by LRG International.[22]
  • On May 18, 2022, the game was renamed to "Rovio Classics: AB" on the Play Store.[23]
  • While the re-release was promised to be as accurate to the original game as possible, no patches have been made since June 4, 2022, despite the team acknowledging more bugs through the now closed bug report channel on the Rovio Gaming Discord server.
  • The game was ported to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class line of cars in April 2023 due to a collaboration between Rovio and Mercedes-Benz.[5] However, the game's name is simplified to "Angry Birds" while keeping the assets of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds.[24]


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