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[[Category:Angry Birds Toons Season 3]]
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[[Category:No Bird Apprentice]]
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Royal Heist is the first episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons, and the first to launch Rovio's Toons.TV app. It (Along with the second and third episodes) first aired on October 1st, 2015 (The launch date of the Toons.TV App), but not on the website.

Toons.TV Description

King Pig rescues a mistreated egg. After all, these things aren't exactly a dime-a-dozen! Are they?


King Pig is seen watching a toy egg made out of gold, red and blue gems outside a shop window. His joy became corrupted when the Epic Sax Minion buys it first. As he meets King Pig, his wig gets messed up a little but his agent helps to comb it back down. He then drives away in a Ferrari (For some reason the car travels incredibly fast despite the car being operated by pigs as the wheels.) During the night, Epic Sax Minion places his toy egg on a table in his bedroom, and also takes his wig off. Meanwhile, King Pig and two Minion Pigs approach his house to steal Epic Sax Minion's toy egg. King Pig tries to push himself through a doggy door, but he struggles. The two Minion Pigs help him push through the doggy door, but they all end up breaking the door to the entrance of the house. After loudly knocking a knighthood over without waking up the Epic Sax Minion, the three pigs arrive inside the Epic Sax Minion's bedroom. King Pig despises of his wig, so he throws it away and ends up on top of one of his minions. When King Pig takes the toy egg, it starts playing music, which wakes up the Epic Sax Minion. He realizes that King Pig wants his toy egg, so he calls for backup. In seconds, six backup minions quickly rope down from the ceiling, aiming their weapons at King Pig. One of his backup minions' weapons backfires and that minion ends up out of the window. Before he got shot, King Pig threatens to cut Epic Sax Minion's wig if the backup minions fired their weapons. King pig and his minions escape and leaves the wig behind, and Epic Sax Minion was crying despite it still intact. Meanwhile, King Pig got the toy egg he wanted, but other Minion Pigs got duplicates of the toy egg from a claw machine, which makes King Pig very surprised. As the credits roll, King Pig grumbles gibberish.

Characters (In order of appearance)


  • Beginning from this episode onwards, CAKE Distribution is the new distributor of this series, along with the second season of Angry Birds Stella.
  • This is the second time the Epic Sax Minion Pig, from Epic Sax-Off, appears, but he is listed as "Trump Pig" in the cast.
  • This episode is revealed that Epic Sax Minion's haristyle turns out to be just a wig, which seems to make him look far less attractive lacking a wig.
  • This is the 79th episode of Angry Birds Toons, 4th in 2015 and 1st in Season 3 to do not have the appearance of the Birds


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