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This article is about the promotional character from Angry Birds Seasons revived in 2024 as Red's sister. For the character who was called "Girly Bird" on some merchandise, see Stella. For other uses, see Category:Female Birds.
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Ruby is a Bird from the Angry Birds Seasons portion of the Classic dimension.

"Let's be Love Birds"
Valentine's day card featuring Ruby

Ruby[7] (also known as Female Red Bird, Girl Bird[8][9] or Helper Bird) is an unplayable bird who first appears in the Hogs and Kisses episode of Angry Birds Seasons.


First introduced in Angry Birds Seasons, an unnamed female red bird, who happened to resemble Red, but with eyelashes, shiner pupils, thinner eyebrows, pink blush spots and an iconic yellow bow on top of her head. Her bow would change throughout different media, with it being blue in the free version's Hogs and Kisses app icon and pink in the book Angry Birds: What a Surprise!). Despite her resembling Red, she was slightly smaller than him.

Despite her appearance in Seasons , she was only created for promotional purposes, but Rovio's Art Director for Marketing, Kati Nohynek, and her team devised a more explicit feminine character within the Angry Birds universe, that'd being Stella.[10] Because of her obscurity in Angry Birds media, she was very popular among fans, including some actually begged Rovio to make her playable in a future update or game as well as unofficially christening her the name Ruby, where Rovio first officially acknowledge the name in a YouTube community post.[7]

On November 28, 2023, a fan artist known as KrimaDraws redesigned Ruby, with a more ovalish body-type, three head feathers with dark red spots on top, thicker eyebrows and eyelashes and two tail feathers. This version of the character is portrayed as the younger sister of Red who is almost as angry as him.

On December 29, 2023, the redesign was officially recognized for the first time on the Angry Birds X account posting all of the flock members celebrating Christmas. It wouldn't be until March 6, 2024, where it was featured again where Red acknowledged Ruby's existence, where two days later a teaser was dropped with the hashtag #FlockArtCanon, which led to the design not only being officially canon, but also used in Angry Birds Friends.


Ruby is a bird with a bad temper, serious and focused on her tasks, despite that when she's relaxes (not very often) she's very good at helping the other birds, in short, she's very similar to Red.[11]

Game appearances[]

Angry Birds Seasons[]

In Angry Birds Seasons, Ruby appeared in the ending cutscene of Hogs and Kisses. In the cutscene, she is spending time with Red while Cupid Pig shows defeat in the background.

Angry Birds Friends[]

In the Facebook version of Angry Birds Friends, Ruby appeared in the Bird-O-Matic as a character that could be chosen as an avatar. She could appear without her bow and could be dressed with any of the objects and be put in any background.

On May 22, 2024, Ruby was added back into the game as a "Helper Bird", now sporting her KrimaDraws redesign. However, she is still not playable, and will not be playable for the foreseeable future.

Ruby on Peck Girl's bat

Ruby on Peck Girl's baseball bat.

Angry Birds Evolution[]

While Ruby isn't a playable bird In Angry Birds Evolution, she does appear as a sticker on Peck Girl's baseball bat.

Media appearances[]

Angry Birds books[]

While her roles had been relatively minimal in terms of game appearances since her introduction, Ruby had a bit of a resurgence in Kaiken's educational books. Her most substantial role was in Angry Birds: Red's New Friend. The story depicts the first meeting between her and Red. The story involves Red looking for a new friend, which eventually results in them coming across each other. Immediately smitten with her, Red insists that they be friends, and Ruby accepts the offer of friendship.

She has starring roles in the other Kaiken educational books, but with less substantial story content. Angry Birds: What a Surprise! has Ruby observing the process of metamorphosis through seeing a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. Angry Birds: Sing the ABCs has Ruby teaching directly, with her singing out the ABCs with several objects used as examples for letters. The rest of the books follow these examples, with Ruby either being a conduit for the reader to learn, or teaching the reader outright.



Red first met Ruby on a beach while looking for a friend, and was immediately smitten with her. By the time the events of Angry Birds Seasons occurred, Ruby was in a romantic relationship with Red. Ruby's romantic relationship with Red was retconned to a brother-sister relationship once Ruby was reintroduced in 2024.


  • Red (older brother - KrimaDraws)



Potentially Ruby in The Angry Birds Movie

Ruby's potential design in The Angry Birds Movie.


  • The crest on Red's Commonwealth plush points to the left, while the crest on Ruby's plush points to the right.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, there is a female red bird that appears in one scene where the birds push the raft onto the ocean.
  • In Angry Birds' 14th anniversary, Ruby, in her original design, appears in a promotional image made Rovio with the whole flock (excluding Tony), but with her face being hidden by Melody, leading to the idea that she is a canonical character.
  • KrimaDraws's version of Ruby in the Angry Birds Toons art style was briefly recognized by Red on TikTok and Twitter in late 2023 and early 2024, with the hashtag #FlockArtCanon.[12][13][14][15]
  • KrimaDraws was compensated in some way by Rovio for the rights to use the character's new design.[16]


For the gallery, see Ruby/Gallery.


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