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SQUEAL Team Six is a squad of elite special forces of Pigs, trained for special  missions.

A SQUEAL Team Six member walking out of the bathroom of Red's house.


The SQUEAL Team Six consists of six unidentified Pigs armed with plunger-loaded crossbows, while wearing some military tactical gear, including helmets. They are known for hiding in wait and showing up unexpectedly and are in Leonard's service for elite, crucial missions.

This team is a parody of the United States' SEAL Team Six, whose name is read as "a sixth team" to trick adversaries, namely the Soviet Union during the Cold War, into believing that five prior SEAL Teams existed, while on the contrary, SQUEAL Team Six is called so solely because it consists of six Pigs.


The SQUEAL Team Six was dispatched to escort Leonard to Bird Island and to Red's house when he arrived there in person to declare an emergency truce and end to the Prank Wars. When Red first sees Leonard that night, he still thinks of him as an enemy and subdues him. Leonard then offers to "show the proof" and then calls on SQUEAL Team Six, secretly positioned throughout the house while guarding Leonard, to appear immediately. They do so, dealing with some interior damage to Red's house before one soldier hands Red some photos of Zeta, the new enemy who wants to destroy both Bird Island and Piggy Island to create a larger resort all for herself. Leonard then goes on to convince him that he and Red must put together an alliance to confront her.[1]