Leonard: "Thank you for your hospitality!"

The Sacking of Bird Village is the first battle of the Great Egg War. It was when the pigs launched an unexpected raid on the birds future offspring (eggs) while they were all busily distracted by a huge dance party after the pigs arrived. The attack later resulted in a reprisal from the birds, who assaulted Pig City in kind.


Red: "Mighty Eagle, hey. Fly us down there, now."
M.E: "No."
Red: "I'm sorry. What?"
M.E: "I don't do that anymore. I'm retired… mostly just tired."

A few hours before the attack began, Red, Chuck and Bomb had met with the Mighty Eagle at his cave to find out about what could be done with the pigs. The three had earlier snuck aboard the pigs' ship, The Porkchop Express and spied in other locations where Pigs were setting some things up to discover that the pigs were considerably suspicious visitors. After realizing that Mighty Eagle was a slacker and didn't want to help, as well as finding out that the pigs were setting up explosives, the three decided to return to the village, against Chuck's wishes to spend more time with Mighty Eagle.

On their final night on Bird Island, the pigs planned a huge rave party for the birds, which many had attended, including Judge Peckinpah. There was a massive dance floor that could hold dozens of birds, if not hundreds, as well as cool, techno music provided by some disc jockey pigs, who played Steve Aoki's "Fight". With their village left unguarded, the birds were oblivious to what the pigs had truly planned by coming to the island.

The raid

Chuck: [warning to partying birds] Can everybody please stop partying?

There are eggs being stolen!

With the village emptied out, the pigs seized a waiting chance to steal the birds' precious offspring. As they began ransacking buildings left and right, collecting the eggs, some pigs blew up various property using TNT. The pigs' ground vehicles, as well as the umbrella ziplines that Red, Chuck and Bomb discovered earlier, were used to quickly bring the eggs aboard The Porkchop Express which remained moored at Red's House.

By the time Red, Chuck and Bomb returned to the village, they discovered that it was being sacked by the Pigs. Without time to spare, Red orders Chuck to warn the other birds to stop dancing and get back to the village, before going with Bomb to try and prevent the eggs from being stolen.

When Red and Bomb get to The Porkchop Express, the Pigs had already gathered the eggs in a huge net and were about to hoist it aboard. Red and Bomb climb up the net and Red urges Bomb to use his explosive ability to sever the line carrying the net and drop the eggs back to the beach. However, it took long for him to charge up his powers, and by the time he was about to use them, some Pigs blasted him with water guns to suppress them. With the eggs secured, the pigs then board the ship and sail away, but not without igniting some TNT with a fiery arrow placed near the Mighty Eagle Statue. The resulting explosion catapulted the statue and crushed both Red and Bomb, knocking them unconscious until the morning after.


Judge Peckinpah: "Mr. Red… what do we do now?"
Red: "Hold on, you're asking me?"
JP: "You tried to tell us. But we didn't listen. I didn't listen."

After the raid, all of the birds regrouped at the beach where the Pigs left and came up with a plan to fight back against them in hopes of retrieving the eggs. Judge Peckinpah, one of the village leaders, admitted to being oblivious to the pigs' true intentions and apologized to Red for rebuffing his warnings. He unexpectedly became the leader of a counterattack, which succeeded in retrieving most of the eggs.

As the first known act of atrocity against the birds, it would forever be remembered by birds as the reason why they came to be known as the Angry Birds, as well as the moment that ignited their central conflict with the pigs.

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