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Gender Female
Species Hatchling
Size Unknown
Strength Unknown
First appearance The Angry Birds Movie
The Angry Birds Movie 2
The Cutest Weapon(Angry Birds Blues)
Latest appearance The Last Act (Angry Birds Blues)
K-Pop, meet A-Pop (Angry Birds MakerSpace)
Voiced by Alma Varsano (The Angry Birds Movie 2)

Samantha (also known as Sam-Sam) is a Hatchling, resident on Bird Island and a recurring character in the Angry Birds Series.



Samantha has Brown eyes, white-yellow-ish feathers, and small hands, small orange beak and feet and a tail with red feathers. One of Samantha's unusual feature's, is the lack of eyelashes, which most other female birds have in the series.


She seems to be quite clumsy and curious, as seen on some ocurrences and mainly on The Hatchonaut, her friends are The Blues, Zoe, Will, Vincent and Ariana. She is also loveable, loving animals (Such as worms and caterpillars) and Jay, her love interest. She is also clueless, being fooled oftenly, her cuteness is also a characteristic of her. She is shown to love blowing raspberries. 



Voice: Alma Varsano



  • As already stated, Samantha has no eyelashes. This even includes concept art by Francesca Natale, the Character Art Director, of both Angry Birds movie. This either means that Samantha has no eyelashes, either intentionally as a way to stick out, accidently not included but the series stuck with the no eyelash design, or even maybe Samantha potentially originally was going to be a boy but changed later on in development. There is still no known reason why, so it's all speculation.
  • In Angry Birds Match, Samantha cannot be unlocked by normal means, she is restricted to the Zeta's Lair event, despite appearing when a player successfully completes a level. Whilst slightly altered versions of Zoe and Vincent appear in the first two Party Places.
    • Her 3 outfits are references to the The Angry Birds Movie 2.
      • Her first outfit, is the Red mask, first seen at the beginning of the movie and the Hatchling's sub plot.
      • Her second outfit, features the snake scale jacket and boots, from when her, Zoe and Vincent, had beaten up a snake, thinking it's egg's were Zoe's unhatched sisters.
      • Her third and final outfit, is based off the artic gear worn by the main cast, when attempted infiltrating Zeta's lair.


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