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Santa Claus (Also known as Mr Kringle) is a character in Angry Birds. He works in a workshop and delivers presents to good birds and pigs.


He is an old man with a fluffy white beard, and reddish skin (Due to the cold winter). He wears a red suit with fluffy white parts and a black belt, black shoes, and a red hat with a fluffy ball.


He is kind and carefree. He likes his work and loves his reindeers, which help him by carrying his sleigh. He doesn't have a good relationship with the pigs, as they froze him into a ice block and tried to ruin Christmas.

He has a good relationship with the birds, as he gave presents to Jay, Jake and Jim and the birds unfroze and freed him up in order to save Christmas. Santa Claus also needed the help of Mighty Eagle (Young) to teach his reindeers to fly, after that, he taught the real meaning of Christmas to Mighty Eagle.


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