Santa Pig
70px-Pigs Huge 07
General Info
Skills Calling 2 Christmas Pigs
Faction: Christmas
Gender: Male
Species: Pig (Sus Scrofa Domesticus)
Locations: Any Christmas Event Level
Strength: Huge
Size: Huge

This article is about the pig Angry Birds Evolution , for the one in Angry Birds Friends!, see Santa Pig.

Santa Pig Is a pig that appears in Angry Birds Evolution.


He's a huge pig made in the syle of The Angry Birds Movie. Santa Pig is like most of the huge pigs in Angry Birds Evolution, but has white eyebrows, beard, and moustache, wears a red pached Santa Claus suit with white fluffy borders and a big black belt. He also wears a patched Santa Hat with a big fluffy ball on top. He always carrys a big golden bell with him, which he uses in the battles.


The Santa Pig can be found in the Christmas events of the game. His skill is the following:

Jingle the Bells

Summons TWO Christmas pigs!

In the offensive skill, the pig will jingle his bell, summoning 2 Christmas pigs in the battleground.

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