For the similar summoner, see Red Koi Fish.

Template:Infobox characterSardines are used to summon the Mighty Eagle. When the player shoots the sardines from the Slingshot, the Mighty Eagle comes down to attack in a wide V-Shape. When the player touches an eye symbol next to the pause button, all the birds disintegrate and a can of sardines spawns on the slingshot. The Sardines themselves can pop pigs and knock down weak structures. They are very bouncy and will bounce off most surfaces. The best position for them is the front of the structure, so the Eagle can get heavy destruction. Achieving Total Destruction with the Mighty Eagle will earn the player a feather. The Eagle Eye also is next to the try again button if the player fails a level (on the right) if the player hasn't beaten the level normally (or at all)

Red and a sardine can


Sardines appears in any level within the following apps:

A can of sardines - from Angry Birds Space

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