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The Mighty Hoax
This page is about an April Fools Joke that is not meant to be treated seriously.

Sasha Lynx is a bird in the Agri Birds universe.


Sasha Lynx resembles a female version of Hal (mostly the latter's Classic design). She is a green emerald toucanet with a yellow orange beak with a reddish tip. Unlike Hal, she only has two black feathers on her head, and she does not have a tail. She has humanlike arms and a pair of long human legs.


In Agri Birds, Sasha Lynx is used demonstrate one of the game's features of being to change her wardrobe into many different clothes. Among the outfits in her wardrobe include a Santa suit, country clothes, and a leather motorcyclist look. The preview chooses fishnet stockings for her legs instead.



  • Despite being a distinct character from Hal, Sasha Lynx encountered significant criticism from fans, thinking that she is a redesigned Hal.
  • One concept art of her shows her working at some sort of a night club/bar, wearing a different outfit.


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