Scarecrow Pig
Pigs Crow
Abilities None
First Appearance Theme HH1-3
Gender None
Species Scarecrow
Locations Haunted Hogs, Hammier Things
Strength Medium
Size Medium

   The Scarecrow Pigs appear only in the Haunted Hogs episode of Angry Birds Seasons. Most of the Bad Piggies except King Pig, have scarecrow variants in this episode. They are the only Pig variants, aside from Zombie Pigs, to not appear in their typical green color.



  • Scarecrow Pigs are also shown when you fail a level in Haunted Hogs, but they are torn.
  • The 5000 form of the scarecrow pigs are a different shade of green.
  • In The World of Angry Birds Official Guide book, Foreman Scarecrow Pig is described as a pig wearing a Mexican skull mask, while Corporal Scarecrow Pig is described as a pig wearing a hockey mask.
  • Strangely, there is no form of a Scarecrow King pig
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