Shaking Hall - 9 is the ninth level of Shaking Hall - the first cave in the Chronicle Cave.


6. Hard

See Difficulty System for more informations.

Cave Effects

Deadly Grip - Deals 100 damage to a random bird. Every 2 turns.


Warning: In every waves, when the Rage Chili is full, use it on Red if you want to smash a high health enemy, on Matilda if your birds' health is too low (necessary when a Brute, a Witch Doctor or any kind of Moustache Pig hits you too much damage or when your health is too low because 50% of your healing spell has been reduced by the Shamans) and on Adventurer Pig/Prince Porky when you want to damage all enemies at the same time.

Choose Red in Samurai, Matilda in Druid and Pigiana Jones' Adventurer Pig. In every waves, attack every turn with Red and Adventurer Pig. Then, heal with Matilda if the birds' healths are not full, otherwise, attack with her. When, the Rage Chili is full, do as what we said at the "Warning". At the end of each wave, it'll be nice if you activate Adventurer Pig's secondary skill when the last pig in the wave is about to die with one more hit. Remember to also protect the birds with Red when a high-damage dealer is about to hit you (especially Witch Doctors). And watch out, you must kill the Forest Pigmies and Pigmy Shooters before they call others for support! Repeat this over until you win the entire battle or lose the entire battle.



Updated Angry Birds Epic Cave 1 Shaking Hall Level 9 Walkthrough

Updated Angry Birds Epic Cave 1 Shaking Hall Level 9 Walkthrough