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This article is about the character from Angry Birds Toons. You may be looking for other Shaman Pigs.
Shaman Pig is a Pig from the Toons portion of the Classic dimension.

Shaman Pig is a pig that specializes in the dark arts.



He is a dark green pig with a lighter snout and belly, he has two black facepaint marks below each of his eyes and black circles around his eyes. He wears a bone in his snout and purple pig mask with yellow marks and three feathers, two of them are yellow, while the center one is purple.


He is a pig that is summoned by drums, he helped the pigs in the exorcism ritual but accidentally set all the pigs on fire.

Media Appearances[]

Angry Birds Toons[]

Shaman Pig was summoned by a Minion Pig to lift the supposed curse that was put upon by King Pig after he devoured the Witch Doctor Pig's tent. However, it turns out that he wasn't cursed at all, he just swallowed a bird leg during his devouring spree. Leaving both Chronicler Pig and Shaman Pig confused.





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