Sharpest Shooter
Sharpest Shooter TC
Episode number 3
Air Date June 24, 2016
Written by Meruan Salim
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Sharpest Shooter is the third episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

Toons.TV Description

A classic competition of sharpshooting prowess from a trio of not-so-sharp shooters.


There are four minion pigs in the piggy theater. One pig has an apple on his head while the others try to sharpshoot the apple. The pigs show their weapons to sharpshoot the apple with the big minion pig using a bow and a medium-sized minion pig using a crossbow while the small minion pig uses a slingshot. They laugh at the small minion pig for using that. Then, the competition starts. The big pig starts first and shoots the apple and hits it directly. After that, the medium-sized minion pig takes small pig's turn and shoots the apple. The plunger that he shot hits the other plunger that big minion pig shot. Then, it is small minion pig's turn. He tries to shoot it with a tiny plunger but it fell from his hoof and everybody started laughing at him. He then pulls out a giant plunger attached to a rocket and then shoots it. The rocket flew and hit the pig with the apple, Causing a big explosion. The apple lands on the small minion pig's hoof and he take a bite from it. The episode ends with the small pig walking away saying "bye bye" and the pig with the apple falls down and squashes the big Minion Pig and medium-sized minion pig. The pig then says ''Ta-da!'', And the episode ends.


  • This episode uses different title music compared to the rest of the episodes in the season.
  • This was the first episode to feature food in Piggy Tales: Third Act. (Apple). The 4th was For Pig's Sake , featuring bubble gum, the 3rd was in Batter Up where pancakes were featured and the 2nd was in Snack Time where a chocolate bar was featured.
  • The apple, slingshot, and bow reappear in Final Curtain.


Piggy Tales - Third Act Sharpest Shooter - S3 Ep3

Piggy Tales - Third Act Sharpest Shooter - S3 Ep3

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