Short and Special is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Angry Birds Toons and the ninety-seventh overall. It premiered on March 25, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

The taller pigs get to have all the fun! Unfortunately, this little piggy has none.


There is a fair in Piggy Island and there is a roller coaster ride where many pigs are riding in it . When their roller coaster ride is over, two pig friends go for the ride. One is big while the other is small. Only the big pigs can have the ride but the small pigs are not allowed. Since the first pig friend was big, he is allowed to go for the ride while the other one who is small is not allowed to go. There is a Goliath Pig guarding the line. He does not allow the small pig friend to go and the big pig friend is allowed to go. But the big pig friend feels bad because his small pig friend is not allowed to take the ride with him. The ride starts. While the small pig friend is taking a mini ferris wheel ride, the big pig friend is enjoying the roller coaster ride. The small pig sits on a seat where a big pig is eating ice-cream. Some of the ice-cream falls on the small pig friend. He does not get enough place and feels sad because he is not allowed to go for the roller coaster ride. After the ride, the pigs come out with the big pig friend while the small pig friend comes out of the small giant wheel ride. The pig friends look at the snaps taken during their rides. The big pig friend is happy to see his snap of his roller coaster ride and he even sees his small pig friend's snap of his small giant wheel ride. He sees the snap and looks at his small pig friend who looks sad. So the big pig friend has an idea. The big pig friend goes in the roller coaster ride again and Goliath Pig looks at every pig and even sees that a pig is wearing a shirt and having a balloon as his head. The Goliath Pig pops the balloon and the shirt comes down and it is the small pig friend and he is not allowed again. This time, the big pig friend goes inside the roller coaster while the small pig friend is on top of a hill and has wooden flippers so he could be able to land and take the ride with his big pig friend. He jumps from the hill and tries to land on the seat where his big pig friend is seated on the roller coaster. But the roller coaster starts and the big pig friend sees at his small pig friend with a worried face that he can be able to land quickly. But it was too late. The roller coaster had gone while the small pig friend crash lands on the track and startled a cat. The pig is hurt and a swelling comes on top of his head and it looks like that the small pig friend has a chance to go for the roller coaster. The big friend goes again for the ride and the small pig friend is stopped by the Goliath Pig. The small pig friend shows the swelling and the measurement is done and it is told that the small pig friend is not able to go again. The Goliath Pig feels pity on the small pig friend and tells him that he can go for the roller coaster. The small pig friend becomes happy and goes for the roller coaster. But before that he takes a big hammer and lightly hits the small pig friend's head and the swelling goes more up that the green light comes and small pig friend is happy and goes inside the roller coaster ride with his big pig friend and the Goliath Pig becomes happy and the ride starts with the small pig friend enjoying the ride.



  • The roller coaster on this episode is similar to a brucomela, a small rollercoaster in the shape of a caterpillar.


  • This episode dates in 2015 with the credits instead of 2016


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