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Sidney is an elongated blue bird with blue wings and medium-sized orange paws. Her eyes are small, red, with small eyelashes. The beak is small, the upper part is stretched up and forward. Eyebrows are small, black. The hairstyle consists of blue-green feathers tied with a red bow.

After evolution, it acquires a more magnificent bow, a silver star on the cheek, a white-green t-shirt and the same skirt.

Description from the game

Coach Sidney does not trust the enemy team and therefore does not stand on ceremony with his wards.

It’s better not to fall under the hot wing.

Additional Abilities

Leader Bonus (“Cheerleader Attraction”): Sydney attracts cheerleaders to support the team. The more birds you have from the group, the greater the chance of gaining gain from the audience.

Super Shot (" Fun Team"): creates two additional clones that deal a small amount of damage and improve all the affected amplifications.

It can evolve with a change in appearance once

Interesting Facts

  • Judging by the biography of Sidney, she is the coach of some kind of sports team, most likely the “Eagles of Steyburg”.


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