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"Guys. This is Silver, the greatest kid sister in the world."
"Well, I'm not exactly a kid anymore, Chuck."
"Oh... You'll always be my kid sister!"
Silver and Chuck, The Angry Birds Movie 2

Silver is a character that appears in the Angry Birds series. She is a bird and Chuck's sister.

Concept and creation

During the production of The Angry Birds Movie 2, the film artists were given the original look of Silver and decided to make drastic, significant changes to her design so that she would look almost completely different because they were aiming for a "cuter" look. She was originally going to be a vulnerable character with a more limited role, but was changed into a very important one in the final cut.[1] After the design for Silver was finalized, character artist Francesca Natale once thought up of the idea of having her being able to fly by spinning her crest and tail like helicopter blades, which was ultimately scrapped.[2]


In her original design, Silver is a square bird who is mostly covered in gray feathers. Her eyes have black pupils, and her beak has a red-colored end pointing downwards. Her head has long feathers pointing behind her body. She has two teeth in her mouth, with round ends.

In The Angry Birds Movie 2, Silver has a completly different design. She now sports a lighter plumage and aqua green pupils. On both sides of her head, there are two large horsetails. She is also very tall, with thin, yellow, scaly legs. In Angry Birds Journey and Angry Birds Reloaded, this design was altered to take out Silver's limbs.

In Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, Silver's design was switched back to that from Angry Birds 2, though she now has limbs.




The Angry Birds Movie 2


Angry Birds Bubble Trouble

Season one

Game appearances

Angry Birds 2

Silver is first introduced in Angry Birds 2. Originally, she was unlocked in level 24 of New Pork City, though in later updates, she can now be unlocked after completing a level with a key. Silver can be upgraded with gray feathers to give the player extra points.

In gameplay, Silver can be playable any time the player has a card of her in their hands. While not very powerful, Silver can destroy stone with no problems. When tapped onto the screen when launched, Silver will loop forward and up in a circle to fall downwards. When she impacts with an object, shw will slightly push objects away. In addition, with this ability, Silver will be able to hit bosses with an incredible strength. While she cannot be used if the player does not have a card of her, they can play as her again after they obtain, by random chance, a card of her by filling the Destructometer.

Angry Birds Transformers

In Angry Birds Transformers, Silver appears as an event character as Windblade.

Angry Birds Blast!

In Angry Birds Blast!, Silver makes a small appearance with Bubbles in the Royal Marriage Sale Artwork, where she wears a bridal veil and has black hair that covers her head. She is seen marrying Bubbles, though the canonity of this fact remains unknown.

Angry Birds POP!

In Angry Birds POP!, Silver appears as a Guest Star that is playable in random days. Her gameplay is the same as that from other character in the game. In addition, when filling the Bird Meter, she will be able to launch a Star Pop.

Angry Birds POP Blast

In Angry Birds POP Blast, Silver appears as a playable character.

Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Reloaded


Powers and abilities

Silver is very intelligent and has crafted a variety of inventions, with one of them being superstring, which she readily has on hand to use as a grapple. She also has some acrobatic skills, and can also use one of her crest-braids as a grapple itself. She can also perform a huge number of calculations on the fly to anticipate what is happening in very tense, action-packed situations then uses them to immediately come up with and take the best action possible.

In addition of being incredibly smart, Silver is shown to be quite strong, being able to cut through stone with no problems.







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  2. Concept art for Silver, Francesca Natale's official website
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