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AB2 Silver Looping Legend.png

"Guys. This is Silver, the greatest kid sister in the world."
"Well, I'm not exactly a kid anymore, Chuck."
"Oh... You'll always be my kid sister!"
Silver and Chuck, The Angry Birds Movie 2

Silver is a bird that appears in the Angry Birds series. Her role in the franchise can alter based off of a specific project, like she could be raised by the Pigs or she is Chuck's sister.

Concept and creation

During the production of The Angry Birds Movie 2, the film artists were given the original look of Silver and decided to make drastic, significant changes to her design so that she would look almost completely different because they were aiming for a "cuter" look. She was originally going to be a vulnerable character with a more limited role, but was changed into a very important one in the final cut.[1]

After the design for Silver was finalized, character artist Francesca Natale once thought up of the idea of having her being able to fly by spinning her crest and tail like helicopter blades, which was ultimately scrapped.[2]


In her original design, Silver is a square bird who is mostly covered in gray feathers. Her eyes have black pupils, and her beak has a red-colored end pointing downwards. Her head has long feathers pointing behind her body. She has two teeth in her mouth, with round ends.

In The Angry Birds Movie 2, Silver has a completely different design. She now sports a lighter plumage and aqua green pupils. On both sides of her head, there are two large horsetails. She is also very tall, with thin, yellow, scaly legs. In Angry Birds Journey and Angry Birds Reloaded, this design was altered to take out Silver's limbs, although the former's design would look more like a hybrid of the classic and movie designs. In Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, Silver's design was switched back to that from Angry Birds 2, though she now has limbs.


In the games, Weirdly, Silver was raised by pigs and doesn't even care about the eggs! But even though she's still got some pig-like ways, she's happier with the flock and is a great flyer who is very funny. Silver was initially a stolen egg by the pigs, who were just about to cook the egg until it had cracked open. Thus, Silver was born, and the pigs took her in as their own. Because of this, Silver notably has multiple physical and mental traits of the pigs, having a very goofy sense of humor and even having the same exact teeth as the pigs.

However, after the relase of The Angry Birds Movie 2, Silver's origin and personality was completely changed. Now she is portrayed as Chuck's sister as well as being Red's love interest. It also introduced the idea that Silver was very intelligent, something that would carry over within appearences like Bubble Trouble or Reloaded.

Game appearances

Angry Birds 2

Silver is first introduced in Angry Birds 2. Originally, she was unlocked in level 24 of the game, in New Pork City, though in later updates, she can now be unlocked after completing a level with a Bird key. Silver can be upgraded with gray feathers to give the player extra points.

In gameplay, Silver can be playable any time the player has a card of her in their hands. While not very powerful, Silver can destroy stone with no problems. When tapped onto the screen when launched, Silver will loop forward and up in a circle to fall downwards. When she impacts with an object, she will slightly push objects away. In addition, with this ability, Silver will be able to hit bosses with an incredible strength. While she cannot be used if the player does not have a card of her, they can play as her again after they obtain, by random chance, a card of her by filling the Destructometer.

Angry Birds Friends

Silver in ABF.png

Silver makes a cameo appearence in Angry Birds Friends in the Angry Birds 2 Tournament as a card that when a bird hits it, it can summon Golden Ducks in the level.

Angry Birds Transformers

In Angry Birds Transformers, Silver appears as an event character as Windblade and Elita-One.


Windblade and Silver have a lot in common - Windblade was raised by the Pigs! Talk about being born in a barn! It sure beats being turned into a cyber-omelette though!

Even though she may be an outsider, she knows which side to fight for and doesn't hesitate to get stuck into the battle for Piggy Island! I certainly wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of those expert sword skills!

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and on Piggy Island this is quite literally true! You'll often see Windblade flying through the clouds at supersonic speeds, doing loop-the-loops and barrel rolls. When she sees some blue sky, she sometimes skywrites rude messages to the Eggbots! Windblade's weapon unleases a trio of superfast, unstable nature causes them to repulse against gravity - they float upwards! Windblade has expert depth perception and knows just how to sling these projectiles, so don't worry about hitting what you're aiming at.

When shooting towers, make sure to aim higher up than usual. If you aim too low the projectiles might hit the floor before they get to the target. [3][4]


Elita One

Elita One is powerful and fearless in the face of the enemy, but Silver always adds a bit of humour to awkward situations due to her pig upbringing. Some say they can hear oink whilist asleep and when she wthinks no-one is looking eats as if from a through!

Mainly known as a renowned Autobird resistance leader, a female counterpart to Optimus Red, she leads the Female Autobirds to keep the eggs safe from the devious hoofs of the Deceptihogs.

Elita likes to try and hit two targets with just one shot! Watch how her shots bounce off her original target.[5]


Angry Birds Blast!

In Angry Birds Blast!, Silver makes a small appearance with Bubbles in the Royal Marriage Sale Artwork, where she wears a bridal veil and has black hair that covers her head.

Angry Birds POP!

In Angry Birds POP!, Silver appears as a Guest Star that is playable in random days. Her gameplay is the same as that from other character in the game. In addition, when filling the Bird Meter, she will be able to launch a Star Pop.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Silver's movie design made a debut in the games in Angry Birds Dream Blast as a promotion for The Angry Birds Movie 2. As such, while she isn't a playable character, she is showcased in multiple pieces of artworks based off an event like Halloween or Christmas. However, Silver did have a design that was more like her Bubble Trouble design, but with the movie's eyebrows.

Angry Birds Journey

Silver appears as the third character unlocked in Angry Birds Casual, later known as Angry Birds Journey, where her main power is identical to her classic counterpart, with a looping feature.

Angry Birds POP Blast

In Angry Birds POP Blast, Silver appears as a playable character, paired along with Leonard.

Angry Birds Reloaded

In Angry Birds Reloaded, Silver returns as a playable character, exclusively in the Eagle Island chapter of the game, complete with a non-anthropomorphic design that resembles that from the films. Like Angry Birds 2, she will loop in a circle and fall downwards. She replaces Bubbles’ spot from the normal gameplay.

Silver in Angry Birds Match

Angry Birds Match

For a short time, Silver made an appearance in Angry Birds Match, where she would be summoned upon matching four of the same items. When she was used, she would attack a random spot on the board. Although she was removed shortly after she was added to the game, but Rovio has stated that she will return eventually.[citation needed]

Silver (AB- Bird Island).png

Angry Birds: Bird Island

Silver is stationed at Avian Academy in Angry Birds: Bird Island where she explains how the player can apply for jobs around the island to get hourly paychecks. Her character bundle can be bought for 999 Robux.

In other media

The 4th Egg

The 4th Egg [6] is a short comic posted by Rovio in 2015, revealing Silver's origins. Her egg was found in a hidden area in the forest, where a minion pig found her and took it to King Pig. The king kisses the pig in joy. Obviously pleased, he commands the minion to send it to Chef Pig, where it could be cooked and eaten. Before Chef Pig begins cooking, the egg begins to slowly hatch, revealing a baby bird. A crowd of minion pigs gaze in awe at the newly born hatchling, much to the displeasure of the cook. One views the hatchling as their own bird and names her "Silver". To quote the comic, "Our very own bird! Silver!"

Silver's cameo in "Stamp Collector".

Angry Birds Zero Gravity

In Angry Birds Zero Gravity, Silver makes a small cameo in "Stamp Collector", where she appears in various stamps in Red's stamp collection.

Angry Birds on The Run

In Angry Birds on The Run, Silver makes a cameo on various posters in The Girl's room.


The Angry Birds Movie 2

Chuck and Bomb ask Red to speed date, where he meets Silver but she deems him incompatible. Red quits the meeting and finds Leonard, the king of Piggy Island, comes to his house to negotiate. Later, Red, Chuck, Bomb and co. visit Avian Academy to find the brains of the group and end up finding Silver. It is revealed to be Chuck's twin sister who is creating the Super String, a fiber with a very high tensile strength. Red reluctantly agrees to build an alliance with the pigs and they recruit Chuck, Bomb, Silver and Mighty Eagle. They hold a special meeting in Mighty Eagle’s cave. When Red shows a photo of Zeta, Mighty Eagle behaves abnormally. The meeting is disrupted when Zeta's ice ball hits Eagle Mountain and destroys it, but they escape just in time.

Later on, the team travel to Eagle Island via submarine. Once there, Mighty Eagle reveals that Zeta is his ex-fiancée that he abandoned due to his cowardice, retreating to Bird Island. Red insists on fighting alone and Silver decides to follow him. They enter the base from the mouth of the weapon only to be captured by the her guards. The other team members disguise themselves as Harvey, grab a key card from a staff member in a washroom, and get into the base. The guards are driven into a breakdance battle by the disguise's unusual movement, and the team find that Red and Silver were being caught. They are forced to escape when their disguise rips apart, but the guards are too busy dancing to notice.

Zeta tells Red and Silver her plan to fire lava balls at Bird Island and Piggy Island, while Red regrets telling the islanders to not evacuate. After she leaves to start the countdown, Red admits to Silver that he put himself before anyone else because he's afraid of not being liked if he's no longer a hero. Silver frees them both using her Super String hair braids, reuniting with the team. Red transfers the leadership to Silver, who establishes a plan to destroy the weapon.

Silver and Red put themselves in an ice ball and roll towards Zeta's superweapon, but it misses the target, and the whole team are confronted by Zeta and her guards. At the same time, Mighty Eagle arrives to apologize to Zeta, but she quarrels with him, revealing his name as Ethan and that she gave birth to a chick he was unaware of named Debbie. While Zeta is distracted, Silver tells Chuck to tie up the weapon using the Super String she invented, which catches and decelerates the lava balls when Zeta fires them. As the rope breaks, the hatchlings and the piglets traveling above Eagle Island help grasp it. The lava balls slide back into the weapon, destroying the base.

Everyone escapes the base, and Mighty Eagle protects Debbie from being crushed by a metal plate. Zeta shows gratitude to him and they finally hold a wedding ceremony on Bird Island, with Red as the chief witness. Everyone cheers Red for saving the islands, but he reveals Silver and the team deserves the real credit instead of him, unveiling a Mount Rushmore-style monument to them. To his surprise, Red finds he is beloved even more now because of his honesty and selflessness. The birds have a huge party to celebrate while Red and Silver begin a romantic relationship, until Chuck arrives and interrupts the two.

Angry Birds Bubble Trouble

Silver’s design in Angry Birds Bubble Trouble

Silver is a main character in this series. She uses a design similar to her Toons design but with limbs in this series.

Powers and abilities


  • Looping Legend - One of her main movements involves looping in the air and falling down, which she can use to crash onto a surface and destroy it. She can also use this move to send nearby objects flying away.
  • Transfomations - By being exposed to the radiation of the EggSpark, Silver was turned into both Windblade and Elita One (see details about their abilities above). In this state, she gains a robotical look. As an Autobird, she can change her form to turn into a small ship or a person. She can also shoot missiles that can destroy obstacles. This transformation only appeared in Angry Birds Transformers.
  • Star Pop - Only appears in Angry Birds POP!


  • Intellegence - Silver is very intelligent and has crafted a variety of inventions, with one of them being superstring, which she readily has on hand to use as a grapple. She can also perform a huge number of calculations on the fly to anticipate what is happening in very tense, action-packed situations then uses them to immediately come up with and take the best action possible.
  • Skilled Acrobat - Silver has been shown to be a skilled acrobatic as she is seen doing some when leaping out of Bomb.


  • Strength - While Silver is quite strong, she is able to destroy stone, but only in a limited number.







  • Silver's ability in Angry Birds 2 is similar to that from Tony, from Angry Birds Seasons, and from Poppy, from Angry Birds Stella.
  • Silver's appearance in Angry Birds Blast! is supposed to reference the Royal Wedding with Megan Markle and Prince Harry, with Bubbles playing Prince Harry and Silver playing Megan Markle.
  • Silver's design in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Angry Birds Reloaded resembles Monday, a black bird from Angry Birds Evolution.
    • Coincedintally, Silver's design in Angry Birds Journey makes her resemble to either Gale or Ella.


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