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"Guys. This is Silver, the greatest kid sister in the world."
"Well, I'm not exactly a kid anymore, Chuck."
"Oh... You'll always be my kid sister!"
Silver and Chuck, The Angry Birds Movie 2

Silver is a bird that appears in the Angry Birds series. Her role in the franchise varies; in Angry Birds 2 she was raised by the Pigs, while in The Angry Birds Movie 2 she is Chuck's sister.


Main article: Silver/Angryverse

In her original design, Silver is a Peale's falcon who is mostly covered in gray feathers. Her eyes have black pupils and a single pointed eyelash on each one, and her beak has a red-colored tip pointing downwards. Her head has long feathers pointing behind her body. She has rounded teeth in her beak, resembling those of the pigs.

In The Angry Birds Movie 2, Silver has a completely different design. Her eyes are now larger, and she now sports a lighter plumage and aqua green pupils. On both sides of her head, there are two large horsetails. She is also very tall, with thin, yellow, scaly legs. In Angry Birds Journey and Angry Birds Reloaded, this design was altered to take out Silver's limbs, although the former's design would look more like a hybrid of the classic and movie designs.

In Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, Silver's design was switched back to her design from Angry Birds 2, albeit with limbs.


Silver is an energetic, free-spirited, loud, and a bit mischievous individual. As detailed in the comic The 4th Egg, she was originally inside an egg which King Pig planned to eat. Upon being discovered, the rest of the pigs decided to take care of her, has left a lasting impact on her both physically and mentally. She shares multiple traits with them, mostly with the Minion Pigs, such as a goofy sense of humor, a prankster attitude, and identical rounded teeth. Despite this, she strongly prefers the company of The Flock who rescued her. Silver displays little concern for taking care of the eggs, but she joins the flock in their battles to retrieve them.

In The Angry Birds Movie 2 and related media, Silver's origin and personality was completely changed. She is now portrayed as Chuck's sister and Red's love interest. It also introduced the idea that Silver is very intelligent and could invent all sorts of gadgets. This personality would carry over to Angry Birds Bubble Trouble and Angry Birds Reloaded. This incarnation of Silver is also more level-headed than her game counterpart.

Game appearances

Main article: Silver/Angryverse

Media appearances

Main article: Silver/Angryverse

Powers and abilities

"Use Bomb or Silver to smash stone."
Red, Angry Birds 2


  • Looping Legend - One of her main movements involves looping in the air and falling down, which she can use to crash onto a surface and destroy it. She can also use this move to send nearby objects flying away.
  • Transfomations - By being exposed to the radiation of the EggSpark, Silver was turned into both Windblade and Elita One (see details about their abilities above). In this state, she gains a robotic look. As an Autobird, she can change her form to turn into a small ship or a person. She can also shoot missiles that can destroy obstacles. This transformation only appeared in Angry Birds Transformers.
  • Star Pop - Only appears in Angry Birds POP!


  • Intelligence - Silver is very intelligent and has crafted a variety of inventions, with one of them being superstring, which she readily has on hand to use as a grapple. She can also perform a huge number of calculations on the fly to anticipate what is happening in very tense, action-packed situations then uses them to immediately come up with and take the best action possible.
  • Skilled Acrobat - Silver has been shown to be a skilled acrobatic as she is seen doing some when leaping out of Bomb.


  • Strength - While Silver is quite strong, she is able to destroy stone, but only in a limited number.



"So, I'm curious. Why didn't we just team up with Chuck? He is definitely faster than me."
"No. he is too laid."
"Why not Bomb then? You know, he is heavier than me."
"Too slow. You're perfect."
"Oh. That's funny. I though we weren't... compatible."
Red and Silver, The Angry Birds Movie 2

In her description from the Angry Birds official website pertaining to her classic appearances, it is stated that Silver was rescued by Red and the flock from the Bad Piggies.[4] According to an issue of Angry Birds Magazine, Silver is not much of a fan of Red.[2]

In her incarnation in The Angry Birds Movie 2, she was introduced to him by Chuck, though they had a rather tense relationship, as he was not too fond of her "know-it-all" behavior. As time passed however, they started to get along.[5] Currently, they are good friends becoming a couple, and have a mutual respect towards each other.

The Blues

Silver info

Information on Silver from Angry Birds Magazine.

According to an issue of Angry Birds Magazine, Silver's best friends are The Blues, as they all enjoy pranking and playing jokes.[2]


In Angry Birds Bubble Trouble, Stella and her are best friends.





Names in other languages

Language Name English translation
Russian Серебрянка (Serebryanka) Diminutive of Silver (Cеребро/Serebro)



A Peale's falcon which she was based off.

  • Silver's ability in Angry Birds 2 is similar to that of Tony from Angry Birds Seasons, of Poppy from Angry Birds Stella, and of Matilda's bomb eggs.
  • Silver is one of four characters in Red's flock who did not debut in the original Angry Birds game (along with Bubbles, Stella, and Melody).
  • Based on initial designs by Andreas Chrysovitsanos, Silver was intended to be a red-colored hawk that resembled Gale. At one point, she was redesigned to resemble a female counterpart of Red, much like Ruby.[6]
  • Silver's design had a massive overhaul for The Angry Birds Movie 2.
    • During production of The Angry Birds Movie 2, the film artists were given Silver's original design, and decided to make drastic, significant changes to her design. They wanted her to look look almost completely different because they were aiming for a "cuter" look. She was originally going to be a vulnerable character with a more limited role, but was changed into a very important one in the final cut.[7]
    • After Silver's design was finalized, character artist Francesca Natale once thought of the idea of having her being able to fly by spinning her crest and tail like helicopter blades, which was ultimately scrapped.[8]
  • Silver's appearance in Angry Birds Blast! is a reference to the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, with Bubbles portraying Prince Harry and Silver representing Megan Markle.
  • Silver's design in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Angry Birds Reloaded resembles Monday, a black bird from Angry Birds Evolution.
    • Coincidentally, Silver's design in Angry Birds Journey is rather similar to Gale and Ella.
  • Silver's classic design is based on Angry Birds Toons' art style rather than being based on the pre-Chrome (or Chrome) art style.
  • Her and Stella are portrayed as best friends in Angry Birds Bubble Trouble.
  • Silver's first design, Matilda, and Chuck are the only birds to not be circular, as Silver is an upside-down trapezoid, Matilda is egg-shaped and Chuck's is shaped like a triangle.
  • Silver and Leonard are the only members from the Flock to not have a crest.


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