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"Looping Legend"

Silver is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. She was introduced in 2015 as a new character for the first official sequel to Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2. After her first appearance in Angry Birds 2, she has since then only appeared in one other Angry Birds installment, Angry Birds Transformers.  


Silver's Description From the Angry Birds 2 Website

"A dazzling young bird with a goofy sense of humor and incredible flying skills".

Silver's Description From the Angry Birds Magazine:

"Weirdly, Silver was raised by pigs and doesn't even care about the eggs! But even though she's still got some pig-like ways, she's happier with the flock and is a great flyer who is very funny!

Silver was initially a stolen egg by the pigs, who were just about to cook the egg until it had cracked open. Thus, Silver was born, and the pigs took her in as their own. Because of this, Silver notably has multiple physical and mental traits of the pigs, having a very goofy sense of humor and even having the same exact teeth as the pigs.

Not much else is known about Silver, personality wise.

Silver's Involvment in Angry Birds

Angry Birds 2

Silver is first introduced in Angry Birds 2, in level 24 of New Pork City. After her debut, Silver will appear in all the themes afterwards as a playable character.


Silver is an extremely difficult character to work with. Her ability is very versatile, but it comes at a cost.  Not only will multiple obstacles prevent her from striking down (if the player to chooses to do so), Silver usually never will hit the structure the player wishes. It is often for her to miss, hitting another block or entirely not being able to knock the structure down. Additionally, unless the player has a tall structure to knock over, Silver will not do much damage to the level.

Silver is also extremely weak. The game states multiple times as "tips" that Silver is extremely good at demolishing stone, but this fact falls extremely far from the truth. Silver is capable of destroying 1, perhaps 2 stone blocks with ease, but afterwards will just immediately stop in her tracks. This effect is the same for wood and glass.

It is also not preferred to use her to take out a last pig or get extra points by demolishing a structure. She is extremely unreliable in these situations. If there is a bit far off pig or a pig that needs to be hit at a certain angle, Matilda is much easier and more reliable to use.

However, Silver is extremely good at bringing harm to bosses. If you hit a boss (Chef, Foreman, or King Pig) with her using her ability, she will take out a rather large chunk of the pig's health.

Angry Birds Transformers

Silver also appears in Angry Birds Transformers as Windblade.


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  • Despite being an Autobird, Windblade Bird uses Deceptihog Materials to upgrade.
    • Windblade Bird also reuses a few Minion-Pig-as-jet-characters animations, notably her "eager anticipation" idle when waiting inside Astrotrain for the score tallies.
    • This, and the fact that she uses Deceptihog Materials to upgrade may be in reference to the fact that she was raised by the pigs in the normal Angry Birds story.
  • Silver is the only character in Red's flock to not have appeared in the original Angry Birds game.
    • She is also the only character to be used freely at any time by player choice.
  • Silver has a similar ability to Poppy and Tony. However, Silver does a 360 degree loop before plummeting down, which allows players more freedom to hit certain structures.
  • There is indeed an official Silver plush, but it has only been offered in competitions and is not for sale in any official Angry Birds Merchandise sources. Thus, few actually own the plush.

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