This article is about the film version of Silver. For the original character, See Silver.

"Wait, who's that? And why she have all those achievement awards?"

SilverThe Angry Birds Movie 2

Silver appears in The Angry Birds Movie 2, where she is Chuck's sister.

Silver in movie


Silver's appearance has almost no resemblance to the original Silver, as she sports a lighter plumage and pink eyebrows. Unusual for any Bird, her crest is designed in such a way that it can be tied into two long braids. She is also very tall, with thin, yellow, scaly legs whose length are only rivaled by that of Stella.


Silver is really smart and has won many awards, she is also not so serious on the adventure and loves her brother Chuck .

Silver is initially disappointed that no one recognizes her achievements, but finally gets an opportunity to change that when Red chooses to allow her to lead the mission to destroy Zeta's superweapon partway through and successfully completes it. Red goes on to insist the others that she be honored for that victory.

Unlike the Angry Birds 2 game, Silver has never held a personal grudge against Pigs and had not taken part in the Great Egg War despite the Pigs' initial hunger for stealing Eggs and hostility against the Birds. She thus has no problem welcoming Leonard, the first Pig she had ever met in her life.

Skills and abilities

Silver is very intelligent and has crafted a variety of inventions, with one of them being super string, which she readily has on hand to use as a grapple. She also has some acrobatic skills, and can also use one of her crest-braids as a grapple itself. She can also perform a huge number of calculations on the fly to anticipate what is happening in very tense, action-packed situations, then uses them to immediately come up with and take the best action possible.


  • Her appearence is similar to Monday, a bird from Angry Birds Evolution.
  • In Sambil, (A shopping of Caracas, Venezuela), Silver has a poster in "Cines Unidos".
  • A sculpture of Silver's face can be seen in the background of some levels of Angry Birds POP 2, as part of the monument of the Bird-Pig alliance formed from the remains of Mighty Eagle's cave. This and the Birds' continued partnership with the Pigs in the game's plot confirms that it is set after the events of The Angry Birds Movie 2.


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