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Sir Bomb of Hamelot is the sixteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the sixty-eighth overall.

This episode was aired on February 1, 2015.

Name Origins

Sir Bomb Of Hamelot is a pun on Sir Lancelot of Camelot.

Toons.TV Description

Bomb joins in the Medieval Fair festivities in Pig City by entering the joust competition. But is the prize really worth fighting for?



There was a joust competition in Pig City, and two Minion Pigs joustied each other, one off of a spoon catapult and another off of a modified slingshot. They ended up hitting each other, and were taken to the hospital. King Pig, however, was really bored. The next two contestants were Bomb and Goliath Pig.

The Minion Pigs were very scared by Bomb and were very happy for Goliath Pig. Chronicler Pig presented the prize for the jousting competition and tells them to start fighting. Both Bomb and the Goliath Pig were holding an ice cream cone as a sword. They charged at each other, but Goliath Pig ate Bomb's sword, so Bomb took out a small wooden sword to fight him. As they continued to duel, Goliath Pig ate Bomb's wooden horse too.

However, he then looked at King Pig with guilt, so he spited out all the trash in his mouth, burying Bomb. Getting out of the trash by exploding, Bomb charged at Goliath Pig but missed and landed in a tent. King Pig was about to present the prize; a white statue of himself smiling with very clean-looking teeth. Bomb stabbed Goliath Pig a few times, which caused him to play dead. When Bomb saw the prize, he didn't want it, so he stabbed himself and played dead as well. King Pig gets frustrated and started mumbling as Bomb and Goliath Pig still played dead.



  • This episode dates in 2014 with the credits instead of 2015.
  • Also in the credits, Foreman Pig was listed as Moustache Pig. However, he did not appear in the episode.


  • The Goliath Pig from Hamshank Redemption returns in this episodes. This makes it his second appearance. In the credits, he is listed as "Knight Pig".
  • This episode, like others, feature Bomb exploding.
  • This episode even marks Angry Birds Epic.
  • The episode's title is a reference to Sir Francis of Camelot.

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