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Slappy-Go-Lucky is the eighteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Foreman Pig and Professor Pig makes their debut in this episode. It was aired on July 14, 2013.

Name Origins

The title is a pun on the phrase Happy-Go-Lucky.

Toons.TV Description

Professor Pig's latest invention turns out to be far from relaxing when Moustache Pig gets his trotters on the plans.



Professor Pig invents a machine that plants flowers in a pot, but it goes haywire and breaks the pot, causing Professor Pig to go after the machine. Foreman Pig walks past by the room but then returns when he sees the blueprint. Seeing that there was potential in the machine the blueprint offered, he proceeds to steal them.

In the court, a Jester Pig was doing a ventriloquism act in the attempt to amuse King Pig but it didn't make him laugh nor even a bit happy. Suddenly, Foreman Pig gets into the court with his new machine. King Pig is impressed by Foreman Pig's invention and wanted to know what it was used for. Foreman Pig proceeds to demonstrate how easy it was to steal the Flock's eggs if he was able to smash the birds. He proceeds to get three Minion Pigs wearing a hat that resembled Red, Chuck, and Bomb as test subjects for the machine.

Once he got the three pigs, he starts by smacking the Red hat Pig into a wall and then proceeded to smack down the Chuck hat pig as well. This causes the crowd to be excited. Just as Foreman Pig is about to smack down the Bomb hat pig, the machine suddenly stops. Foreman Pig starts looking through the manual, just as the machine suddenly goes forward, grabbing a hold of King Pig. The machine then starts spanking King Pig for no reason. Realizing there was no hope, Foreman Pig ejects himself out of the machine, launching outside in the air and safely landing with a parachute, but lands into a volcano.

The machine then treats King Pig like he was a basketball with everyone else enjoying the show, especially the bird hat pigs eating popcorn. It then throws King Pig into a wall before blowing up. Just before it finally stops, the machine spanks King Pig one last time.

Meanwhile, Professor Pig finally has the original machine working properly but Foreman Pig, who was all burnt without his mustache barged in, gives him back the burnt blueprint he deemed was worthless, and shouts at him. Professor Pig tries to take back the blueprint but it disintegrates.



  • This is the eighth episode to have the title changed. The first one was Pig has Talent to Pig Talent, the second was A New Friend to True Blue?, the third was Taking a Leave to Off Duty, the fourth was Thunderbolts and Lightning to Thunder Chuck, the fifth was Oh My Garden to Gardening With Terence, the sixth was Mission Implausible to Dopeys on a Rope, and the seventh was Too Many Eggs to Double Take.
  • The blueprints in the video is different than the ones in the title card.
  • The original theme song from Chuck Time to Off Duty makes a surprise appearance in the intro.
  • Foreman Pig might have cataract in one eye because in the episode and title card, one of his pupils is a light blue.
  • Foreman Pig is listed as "Moustache Pig" in the credits.
  • This episode and Crash Test Piggies suggest that the pigs lack foresight.
  • A similar machine later appears in the episode Mind The Pony, which is used by the hunter pigs, but it was made as a Tank.