Slappy-Go-Lucky is the eighteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

The original plot of Crash Test Piggies seems to carry on here, as shown by the title.

Toons.TV Description

Professor Pig's latest invention turns out to be far from relaxing when Moustache Pig gets his trotters on the plans.


Professor Pig has invented a machine that puts flowers in a pot, but it goes haywire and breaks the pot. Foreman Pig sneaks in and steals the blueprints and leaves the room with a laugh. Meanwhile, a jester is trying to entertain King Pig with a rather bad ventriloquism act. Suddenly, Foreman Pig breaks in through the door driving a machine built by the blueprints he stole, then he demonstrates the machines power by sending in three pigs that were dressed as Red, Chuck and Bomb and starts squashing the pigs that dressed as Red and Chuck. The pig dressed as Bomb is about to be squashed by the robot's hand, but the machine goes haywire and starts to spank King Pig. Foreman Pig ejects himself out of the machine, but lands in a volcano.

Meanwhile, the machine starts using King Pig as a basketball. The dressed pigs are eating popcorn, enjoying what is going on. The machine then crashes after a while. Professor Pig finally perfects the original machine, but Foreman Pig (who is all burned out) storms into the room, yells at Professor Pig, and slams the door, leaving the blueprint in the room. Professor Pig tries to take the blueprint, but it turns into ashes.

Cast (in order of appearance)

  1. Professor Pig (first appearance)
  2. Foreman Pig (first appearance)
  3. Minion Pigs
  4. King Pig
  5. Fake Birds (Minion Pigs)


  • This is the first appearance of Foreman Pig and Professor Pig in Toons.
  • In the title card and episode, Foreman Pig's left ear looks like a part of it has been torn off.
  • This is the eighth episode to have the title changed. The first one was Pig has Talent to Pig Talent, the second was A New Friend to True Blue?, the third was Taking a Leave to Off Duty, the fourth was Thunderbolts and Lightning to Thunder Chuck, the fifth was Oh My Garden to Gardening With Terence, the sixth was Mission Implausible to Dopeys on a Rope, and the seventh was Too Many Eggs to Double Take.
  • The word "Slappy-Go-Lucky" is a pun on the word "Happy-Go-Lucky."
  • Professor Pig for some reason is not wearing his bow tie.
  • When Foreman Pig is burned, his mustache and eyebrows are shaved off by the volcano he was in.
  • The blueprints in the video is different than the ones in the title card.
  • The original theme song from Chuck Time to Off Duty makes a surprise appearance in the intro.
  • Foreman Pig might have cataract in one eye because in the episode and title card, one of his pupils are light blue.
  • Some people thought Foreman Pig steals the original machine and turns it to something else.
  • Foreman Pig is listed as Moustache Pig in the credits.
  • This episode and Crash Test Piggies revealed that the pigs think dangerous is awesome until it is performed.
  • The title of this episode is similar to the Angry Birds Seasons episode, Go Green, Get Lucky.
  • This is the 2nd consecutive episode not to have an appearance of the Birds.



Slappy-Go-Lucky Episode

Slappy-Go-Lucky Episode


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