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Sleep like a Hog is the twenty-third episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the seventy-fifth overall.

This episode was aired on March 22, 2015.


The name of the episode is based on the simile "Sleep like a log".

Toons.TV Description

King Pig can't sleep and it's up to Professor Pig to get him to saw some logs. He's got science on his side! But if that doesn't work, they can always put him down 'manually'...



In Pig City during the evening, King Pig had insomnia. He screamed in frustration, making the noise go over all of Pig City. So he called the guards, Professor Pig and Corporal Pig to help him. King Pig explained the situation to Professor Pig, and he made a plan to make King Pig sleep. While Professor Pig was making an idea, Corporal Pig has a mallet but Professor Pig stopped him.

The first plan was to listen to relaxing sounds. At first King Pig liked the nature sounds and tried to fall asleep, but the water sound in the sounds made him want to go urinate, making him rush to the toilet. Afterward, he came back out and destroyed the phonograph. Corporal Pig showed up with the mallet again, but Professor Pig disagreed with his decision.

The next plan included Professor Pig singing a quiet lullaby to King Pig. Unfortunately, it made the guards sing loudly. An orchestra appeared and the Tenor Pig sang the lullaby loudly. A Piano Pig dropped from the roof into King Pig's room to play a noisy piano. King Pig then threw a shoe at Piano Pig who then fell into the piano, showing his disgust at the Minion Pigs' actions. Professor Pig looked at the shoe then to King Pig, who looked very angry over the fact that it did not work. Once again, Corporal Pig asked if they could use the mallet on King Pig, but Professor Pig said no.

The third plan was to use sleep gas to make pigs to sleep. They test it on a minion pig and it worked. They then proceeded to use it on King Pig. King Pig thought Professor Pig and Corporal Pig in his imaginary dream that they were the toy dog from Dogzilla and a crab that has a coconut tree on his head respectively. They gave some replicated eggs which King Pig ate (For real, he was chewing the blanket). After that, he saw a golden egg in the sky, but at the same time, the toy dog and the crab became monsters that made King Pig super scared, waking him up in horror. He then became super mad at Professor PIg.

Corporal Pig came again with the mallet. Professor Pig quickly grabbed the mallet since he knew there was no other choice but to use it. Not wasting time, he hit the mallet on King Pig's head so hard, that it made him sleep, astonishing Corporal Pig and the Minion Pigs. The episode ended with Professor Pig putting the blanket on King Pig while he was sleeping.



  • This is the second appearance of Tenor Pig, making it his first appearance in Season 2.
  • The dog that King Pig has dreamed is the same as the dog in Joy to the Pigs (King Pig's gift) and Dogzilla.
  • King Pig has said some things that sounded like proper English and Italian, such as "Stop talkin' about-a your mama!" and "Let me kiss mama, and a yellow balloon, no-no-no-no!". This can hardly be heard.