Template:AngryBirdsToonsInfobox Sleep Like A Hog is the twenty-third episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2.

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King Pig can't sleep and it's up to Professor Pig to get him to saw some logs. He's got science on his side! But if that doesn't work, they can always put him down 'manually'...


In the evening of Pig City, King Smooth Cheeks can't sleep that he scream made the noise over Pig City. So he called the guards, Professor Pig and Corporal Pig. So Professor Pig made a plan to make King Pig sleep. While Professor Pig is making a idea, Corporal Pig has a mallet but Professor Pig stopped him. So the first objective is to listen to a relaxing music. But King Smooth Cheeks can't sleep and the water sound in the music makes him pee and runs to his toilet. Then he go out and destroy the music player. Corporal Pig showed again the mallet but Professor Pig disagree with his decision. The next objective must sing a quiet lullaby from Professor Pig to King Pig. But it makes the guards to sing loudly. Then the orchestra is there and singing also the lullaby. A Piano Pig with a piano drops from the roof to King Pig's room to play a noisy piano. Then King Smooth Cheeks throws a shoe to Piano Pig that fell into the piano. Professor Pig looked at shoe then to Kin Pig very angry that he didn't make him sleep. Again Corporal Pig asked if they can use the mallet to King Smooth Cheeks but Professor Pig says no. The third plan is to use a machine to make pigs to sleep. They test it to a minion pig and it worked! After they test it to a subject, they test it to King Smooth Cheeks. Then King Pig thinks Professor Pig and Corporal Pig think in a imaginary dream that they are the puppy in Dogzilla and a Species that has a coconut tree on his head. They give some replicated eggs and King Smooth Cheeks are eating the eggs in his imaginary in real world but he is crazy eating the blanket. But he dreams about a golden egg in the sky and puppy in Dogzilla and a Species that has a coconut tree on his head became monsters that makes King Pig super scared that makes him raggedly angry to Professor PIg. Then Corporal Pig came again with the mallet and Professor Pig quickly get the mallet at he hit on King Smooth Cheeks's head that makes him sleep and Corporal Pig and Minion Pigs were astonished. Then Professor Pig smiley put the blanket to King Smooth Cheeks while he is sleeping.



  • This is the 17th episode, 2nd episode in 2015 and the 6th episode in season 2 to do not have the appearance of the Birds.
  • The name of the episode is based on the word "Sleep Like a Log"
  • This is the second appearance of Tenor Pig, making it his first appearance in Season 2.
  • The puppy that King Pig has dreamed is the same as the puppy in Joy to the Pigs (King Pig's gift) and Dogzilia



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