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Slingshot 101 is the eleventh episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on May 25, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

Red teaches the Blues a lesson when he finds them messing around with the slingshot, but he soon finds the boot on the other foot.



Red is protecting The Eggs until he sees Jay, Jake, and Jim horsing around on the slingshot. He walkes over to them, while three Minion Pigs covered by a bush slowly move towards the eggs. Red tells the Blues to stop their careless playing, but they ignored him and go back to playing on the slingshot. Red continues watching the eggs when he hears something suspicious coming from the nearby bush. Just as he was about to investigate the bushes, he saw the Blues playing on the slingshot again.

Red decides to go over to them again and teach them how to use the slingshot properly. Just as he pulled back fully, he notices the three minion pigs stealing the eggs. Having lost the opportunity to intervene, Red is helplessly hurled away. He then crashed onto a cliff nearby, causing the Blues to laugh at him.

Once Red gotten out of the cliff, he saw the Blues and the pigs in a fight. He got worried about the Blues being violently abused and tied around the slingshot, body-damaged by the three minion pigs while the eggs were being taken, the King Pig laughing evilly, Chef Pig cooking the eggs and King Pig eating them. Not willing to let this happen, Red screamed and angrily rushed down as fast as he could to where the Blues are, but before he could strike the pigs with an attack, he saw that the eggs were still there. He then turned around to see that the Blues have defeated the minion pigs, who then proceeded to launch them away with the slingshot. He praises them for knowing how to use a slingshot properly and later on, Red and the Blues were performing tricks with their skateboards on the slingshot.

In the credits, Red can be heard having fun on the Slingshot.



  • There are similarities between this episode and Do as I Say!:
  • This is the first episode to feature a new version of the Angry Birds Toons opening music.
  • This is the first time the pigs had legs.
  • When Red imagines that the King Pig will eat the Eggs, King Pig's laugh voice is a slightly higher pitch of his regular voice. Also, the stalks on King Pig's crown are drooping. However, in the episodes he appeared in reality, the stalks on his crown are sticking straight up. The drooping crown might be a reference to surrealism.
  • If you look closely at the bottom of the bush the Pigs are in, you can see Pig hooves, possibly foreshadowing the movie designs of The Angry Birds Movie.
  • One of The Blues that pretended to be Red made the face they normally had in early cinematic trailers.
  • In this episode and Off Duty it seems that when the eggs are in danger, Red can move extremely fast, covering the whole distance from the cliff to the slingshot in a matter of seconds.
  • Part of this episode was used in a Dave & Busters commercial.
  • The Pig corpses when they are about to be launched resemble the ones from the Back to School Short Animation.
  • The imagination scene is referenced in the Game Over screen of Angry Birds 2.
  • Even though Chuck doesn't appear in this episode, Red ran as fast as he did.
  • Some of the scenes are animated in the current animation style, used in Gardening with Terence and onward. This is most visible when Red is running toward the pigs.
  • This is the third and fourth time, the second episode, and the third through sixth character where someone launched with the slingshot did not intend to use it. True Blue? was the first episode, with the first two events and the first two characters.



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