Slingshot Delivery
Slingshot Delivery TC
Episode number 3
Air Date March 10, 2018
Written by Chris Sadler
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Slingshot Delivery is the third episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street.

YouTube Description

No package is too big for Delivery Pig.


A post assistant arrives with a parcel outside a pig's house with a logo stamped on the door and the parcel too has the same logo for location (The logo is of Rovio Entertainment). He rings the bell but no response is given to the post assistant. He then finds a small and rectangular post hole. But it is too small for the parcel to fit in. The post assistant pig tries to push in the parcel but fails. He punches the parcel but that too turns futile. He then sets up dynamites. They explode but the parcel does not go inside and the pig has his face blacked due to the explosion. He then goes inside a level of Angry Birds, where Chuck is ready to aim with Red and Bomb waiting. But the pig then takes the slingshot and Chuck falls down with all the three bewildered. He then returns to Pig City. He aims at the parcel. He takes off and flies towards the parcel but the owner of the house with the logo opens the door and takes the parcel happily in his hands. The post assistant pig, still flying is surprised and breaks through the house and comes out breaking the wooden wall and then circles the entire orbit of the earth and comes back. The owner shuts the door and the post assistant pig lands straight into the post hole of the door with his face inside and the legs outside. The pig struggles but fails and is unable to come out. 


  • This episode (along with other episodes excluding Scary Fog and Holiday Heist) had been leaked on iTunes.
  • This is the 1st time that Birds appear in Piggy Tales.
    • If drawings are counted, it would be the 2nd, as the 1st time featured Art School which has Red as a drawing.
  • This is the first episode to show the logo of Rovio Entertainment for the logo of the owner pig's house and the parcel. Its later sequel, Dodge and Deliver, also has the Rovio logo on the parcel.
  • This is the first episode to have the pig use a slingshot based on the birds.
  • This is the one of many times that the original game anatomy appears at the same time as the movie anatomy.
    • For an exemple, when the woodpecker carved a court scene in game-form while in the presence of many movie-form birds.



Piggy Tales - 4th Street Slingshot Delivery - S4 Ep2

Piggy Tales - 4th Street Slingshot Delivery - S4 Ep2

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