Template:Epic Infobox LevelSlingshot Woods - 1 is the first level of Slingshot Woods and prepare for the battle between you and... Stinky Stanley!!! This massive zombie can do huge damage and heal himself in the process.Wizpig teleported him to stop you. Take him down.


StinkyStanley.png Stinky Stanley

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png {{{HP}}}


Om Nom Nom

Charge: 2 turns. Deals {{{1}}} damage, healing for 200% of the damage dealt.



Passive: Revives after 3 turns of being knocked out.

Has an identical variant called Undead Bone Hunter, which is the boss of Happy Spot in Chronicle Cave.


Buy "Rogues" first before entering this battle. Then, you can choose Matilda in Druid, Bomb in Pirate and The Blues in Rogues. Attack every turn with Bomb. If the birds' health is full, attack with Matilda, if not, heal on the target that the Stinky Stanley has chosen. Then attack with The Blues if Stinky Stanley is not about to attack, and if he does, use The Blues' secondary skill on the bird which has the most health. Give the Rage Chili immediately to Matilda when it is full. Repeat this over until you win or lose.

In Summary

Stinky Stanley can deal MASSIVE damage AND heal for 200% of that dealt damage, so you will get beaten rather quickly. If only there was a Rage Ability that dispels, stuns, and deals BIG damage.



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