Slip Up
Slip Up TC
Episode number 33
Air Date January 27, 2017
Written by Meruan Salim
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Slip Up is the thirty-third episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

Toons.TV Description

An unsuspecting Pig performs a slippery act.


A pig walks in and notices a Slippery Floor sign, he gets angry, looks to the floor and needs to pass the slippery floor, he does a simple step and everything goes succeful, but he steps and slips into the floor, he hurts snout and gets even more angry, he now runs and thinks he is walking away, but he slips again..He puts wooden ice skates into his feet, he slides succefully but comes back and tries to not slip, everything is succeful, but he slips. He now lights up a firework rocket, the firework rocket flies and even the slippery sign hits the pig's face, the firework starts to fly to everywhere and then it hits the floor, putting the pig in the same place he was before. Janitor Pig walks in with a mop, looks at the pig, takes off the sign calmly and walks away, the pig gets confused as he passed the impossible place.



  • This episode dates in 2016 with the credits instead of 2017.
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