Slow The Chuck Down! is the ninteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2.

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Matilda thinks Chuck should slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. Then again, blazing speed does come in handy from time to time.


Matilda is gardening her flower in her garden. Then, she sees Chuck practicing running outside the garden, wearing a racing helmet. But she doesn't care about him and continue gardening until she notices that Chuck's starting to run into her garden. Matilda was scared and starts to find a way to move the flowers away but Chuck is running too fast and destroys her flowers. After she noticed that the flowers have been destroyed, she calls Chuck to stop running and comes to her garden. Matilda became angry and shows Chuck that he destroyed her garden. Then, she gives the flower and a shovel to Chuck and shouts him to plant the flower. Chuck runs away along with the flower and the shovel to plant the flower as fast as he can but it results in more mess! Matilda got angrier and takes Chuck's running helmet off and takes the shovel to teach Chuck. She comes to a pink flower, dig it up normally and kiss it. Then, Chuck follows her with the flower in the kart. He takes it normally and kiss it. Matilda laughs and puts the flower down on the ground slowly. Chuck doesn't understands it and drops the flower. Matilda became angry again and tells him to put it down slowly. So, Chuck has a trick to teach her a lesson. He takes the flower up and put the flower down very, very slowly with a smily face. Matilda became happy because she thinks he know how to slow down his speed until she notices that he's putting the flower down too slowly. Matilda comes closer and sees what happen and also tells Chuck to do it faster a little bit. Chuck just continues put the flower down with his very slow speed and laughs at her. Matilda continues telling Chuck to do it faster and then became angry with Chuck again. She takes out a frying pan, a brown spoon and then a horn to shouts at him to do it faster. But Chuck doesn't listen and continues putting the flower slowly. Matilda became tired and then she notices that the pigs are coming, along with a purple cart and the eggs are sitting lonely in the nest on the stone. She quickly rushed to the eggs but the pigs were too fast. She tries to presuade Chuck to quickly put down the flower. Then, the pigs take out a pot, burn the fire, add the pepper and the last thing to do is cook the eggs! Meanwhile, Chuck was still putting the flower slowly. So Matilda puts back Chuck's racing helmet on him and tells him to hurry because he is the only hope. But he says no until he finishes putting the flower down and now is his time to get the eggs. Matilda became happy because she thinks Chuck will run quickly and get the eggs, but he just continues to go slowly. So Matilda gots angry with her pupils on fire. Chuck knows that Matilda understands that speed does come handy, so he runs to the pigs and gets the eggs back. Matilda became happy, takes the eggs and kisses them and then hugs Chuck. Then, Chuck gets into business, runs away and destroys everything in his path.



  • The title may be a reference to the phrase "Slow the (swear) down!".


  • In the title card and coming soon poster, Chuck has no helmet, but in the episode, he's wearing a helmet when he's running.
  • Matilda looking at Chuck, her eyes moving, see the light blue there.


Angry Birds Toons S02E19 Slow The Chuck Down!

Angry Birds Toons S02E19 Slow The Chuck Down!

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