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Slumber Mill is the thirty-ninth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Toons.TV Description

A road is built on the house of a poor little pig. It's annoying him because he can't sleep anymore! He risks losing his job - what is he going to do?


At the forest, a Minion Pig wearing a yellow hard hat is chopping trees with an axe. When his cart is filled with chopped wood, Foreman Pig is amazed. He's mad at some Minion Pigs who wear blue hard hats, for chopping trees slowly with a saw.

In the evening, after his tiring work, the yellow hat Minion Pig gets ready for bed in his small house. Some road-maker pigs plan the King Pig's parade by making a road, which goes directly above the yellow hat pig's house. The yellow hat pig brushes his teeth, takes off his hard hat, and hangs up his axe. He smells the roses, lies on his soft bed, and slumbers. When he's sleeping, there is a frequent shake and a loud noise keeping him awake and causing him to fall down from his bed. When he goes out to see what it is, he is shocked to see a road going over his house. The ribbon is cut by another Minion Pig, and a cart carrying King Pig drives on road over the house. The frequent noise made by the cars driving on the road keeps the yellow hat pig from sleeping properly.

In the morning, he is weak and tired because he didn't sleep well the previous night. The two blue hat pigs arrive and laugh at him. They give him only one chopped wood.

At night, the yellow hat pig brushes his teeth, but the toothbrush goes into his nose and spreads toothpaste around his face because of the continuous shaking of the ground due to the cars going in a form of a parade. He tries to sleep in his bed, but the pillow and blanket move and the axe falls to his bed. Angry of the loud and destruction of the cars, the yellow hat pig goes outside and holds a stop sign at the road to which the cars stop. But the pig falls asleep and drops the sign, causing the cars to continue their parade.

In the morning, Foreman Pig finds the yellow hat pig sleeping on the job. He yells at him from sleeping, and he wakes up and panicks. He chops down the tree very fast, until it falls on Foreman Pig. He gets angry and orders the yellow hat pig to go home. At night, the pig can't get ready for bed because of the loud continuous parade that makes his house more destructive. His ax falls, almost chopping the pig into two. Instead, it chops his pillow with a spring connecting to it. When he sees it, he gets an idea. He brings in a log. Whenever a car drove over his house, the ax would chop the log just like at work.

The next morning, Foreman Pig is amazed at the two blue hat pigs who did their hard work in chopping more logs, but he is even more amazed to see that the yellow hat pig got five carts worth of chopped wood. Foreman Pig allows the pig to keep his job and get a break. The pig is then happy and immediately sleeps.

As the credits roll, the pig is still sleeping in relaxation.

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  • This is the fifth appearance of Foreman Pig.
  • This is the second time Avgousta Zourelidi directed an episode
    • This is also the second time Richard Preddy has written an episode.
  • This is the 10th episode to not have the appearance of the Birds.

Interesting Facts

  • The name is a reference to a structure called Lumber Mill combined with the word slumber, which is related to sleep.
  • When the pig holds the stop sign, when you look closely at their cars, it looks like a soda supreme from Angry Birds Go!.
  • The yellow hat pig says something that sounds like "Sweet!" after Foreman Pig allows him to keep his job and get a break.
  • This was #17 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.


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