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Smugglers' Den is the first episode that appears in the "Rio" segment of Angry Birds Rio. It takes place in the smugglers' hideout from Rio. As with other episodes in "Rio", Smugglers' Den is composed on thirty levels, with other six bonus levels.


Smugglers' Den takes place in a lair in Rio de Janeiro. Its walls are blue colored, and the ceiling is made of steel. The place is somewhat dark, as little light from outside is able to lit the lair. In the front layer, many birdcages and boxes are spotted. The dark lair is also decorated with chains and some lights.


In Angry Birds Rio, the Angry Birds were kidnapped and taken to the lair, where Nigel showed up and revealed that he planned to illegally sell the birds in exchange of one hundred thousand dollars.[1] With this fact and seeing all the other caged birds, including two macaws called Blu and Jewel, the Angry Birds broke themselves free and started to free all the birds, which included Blu and Jewel, who had handcuffs that kept them together. With the two macaws, the Angry Birds escaped to a jungle while Nigel sent his marmosets to go after them.


The main goal of Smugglers' Den is to free all the birds from their cages by launching a limited set of birds with the use of a slingshot. The kidnapped birds are mantained inside of structures made of wood, glass, and/or stone, in addition of some containing additional objects, such as TNT. The player may also find Golden Fruits, which are shaped like pineapples in this episode. Finding them all will unlock a bonus level.


Bonus levels




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