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Sneezy Does It is the nineteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on July 21, 2013.


The title is a pun on easy does it.

Toons.TV Description[]

When a nervous Minion Pig is chosen to carry the King's litter, can he stop himself sneezing long enough to carry out his duty?



King Pig's birthday celebration is being held in Pig City, being carried by four Minion Pigs on a litter. Sneezy, a pig with a birthday hat, celebrates as well, but he accidentally bumps into another pig, spilling his pink lemonade, causing one of the pigs holding one of the four stilts to slip. The litter gets imbalanced, throwing the King Pig on the ground. After hitting the ground, King Pig gets up with tears in his eyes. He then cries in pain and humiliation. The minion pig who slipped was put in a cannon, and then shot out into the horizon. Two guard pigs then take Sneezy and place him on the right stilt to carry King Pig, since he was the one who caused the accident to happen.

The crowd of Minion Pigs continue to toss King Pig some presents, who was eating slop in a plate. The messy eating causes some of the food to fall on Sneezy. The crowd then throws confetti, resulting in some of it to stick onto the food like glue, which was on Sneezy's face. They reach the palace, which puts Sneezy and the other pigs against the stairs, much to their dismay. When they finally got to the top of the palace, a bee perches on Sneezy's snout, which earns him some discomfort and irritates him, much to amusement of the guards to see if he could keep King Pig balanced. The bee then flew in and out of Sneezy, annoying him so much he swallowed the bee, making King Pig believe he was able to keep him still easily. It then flew out of Sneezy's ear and, in payback, stings him in the snout, causing him to flail in excruciating pain (much to the shock of the others, including Corporal Pig) and drop King Pig down the flight of stairs. After he gets up and processes what happened, King Pig bawls in pain. Just before he's shot out of the cannon, Sneezy blows the party whistle one more time and finally gets launched into the distance screaming.



  • There is a probable similarity between this episode and Another Birthday, as they both feature King Pig having a birthday. They also both feature Sneezy.
  • This is the last episode (until Fired Up) to have the story by Mikael Hed, Lauri Konttori, Niklas Lindgren, Mikko Pöllä, and Samuli Valkama.
  • In this episode, when King Pig cries, his voice is a falsetto, but in posterior episodes, he cries with his normal voice.
    • This voice clip was reused in Angry Birds 2 for when he screams as he's dropped off of the map.
    • This is the first time King Pig cries in the series.
    • This is the first time King Pig appears in two episodes in a row.


  • At the start, there was a banner that showed King Pig with some presents, but at 0:09, the banner disappeared.
  • Sneezy's birthday hat is orange on the title card, but in the episode, it is purple.
  • At 0:30, the minion pigs are showing the wrong expression (smiling instead of being shocked)
  • At 2:08, Corporal Pig was bigger than the guards but at 2:15, he was smaller than the guards.
  • At 2:12, King Pig's crown was missing.
  • Despite the title being called Sneezy Does It, nobody sneezes in the episode.
    • However, it could be because the pig's name is Sneezy.



Angry Birds Toons - Sneezy Does It - S1 Ep19

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