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Snooze is the seventeenth episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description[]

When a piggy starts snoring, what would a fellow pig do to make him stop? Anything, that's what!


It starts with two Minion Pigs getting some rest, but suddenly, one Minion Pig starts snoring, thus making the other Minion Pig wide awake and hearing his snoring sound, so he tells the other Minion Pig that he is ordered to not make a snoring sound, but he still is snoring. What can his fellow Minion Pig do to make him stop snoring? He tries to make him stop snoring by using an alarm clock, but it wouldn't work. Next he tries to wake him up with a pan and a spoon, but that didn’t work either. Then he tries waking him up with an air horn, but even that didn’t work, so he brought a Boombox Speaker, but even it wouldn't wake him up at all. Next he brings a crossing, turns it on, and then a train flies by. Nonetheless, the train did not work either. Finally he uses the TNT Exploder. He pushes the lever and it goes BANG! But even with that, none of these ideas definitely worked after all, thus making him extra angry and he pushes the other Minion Pig fiercefully. So, he yawns and goes back to sleep along with the other Minion Pig, and he finally stops snoring. Suddenly, he starts to snore, so the other Minion Pig is doing the same thing as last time - hearing the snoring sound and being wide awake. As the credits play, we hear dialogue from the other Minion Pig snoring and the Minion Pig who snored tells advice to stop snoring.


  • The title card says repeated letter Z but the name of the actual episode is just Snooze.
  • This is the first episode of Piggy Tales to have a vehicle. It was an Electric Train.
  • This is the first episode of Piggy Tales to show a pig sleeping.
  • The horn of the train was derived from a Nathan P2 horn that was commonly used on Metrolink and Caltrain engines. This is the sound effect they used.



  • Clock (exclusive appearance)
  • Train (exclusive appearance)
  • Boombox Speaker (exclusive appearance)
  • Pan and Spoon (exclusive appearance)
  • Air Horn




Piggy Tales - Snooze - S1 Ep17

"Get up already!"

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