Snowed Up
Episode number 28
Air Date December 12, 2014
Written by Chris Sadler and David Vinicombe
Directed by César Chevalier and Chris Sadler
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Snowed Up is the twenty-eighth and a holiday special episode of Piggy Tales.

Toons.TV Description

Happy Holidays piglets! Yes, even our favorite porky friends celebrate this festive season by frolicking around in the snow. Just don’t confuse the frosty white stuff with ice-cream...


A Minion Pig is standing next to a piggy snowman. He thinks the snow on the snowman is the ice-cream, so he puts his tongue on the snowman to taste it. But his tongue gets stuck to the snowman and he goes forward a little bit so his tongue will go off of the snowman. But his tongue is still stuck to the snowman. He tries to sling to  the snowman with his tongue, so he goes forward and tries to pull his tongue off of the snowman, but the snowman was flung at the pig with his tongue and now, he's in the snowman. As the credits roll, you'll hear the pig singing Jingle Bells along with the snowman's music.


  • This is the first holdiay special edition episode in Piggy Tales.
  • The title, Snowed Up, is possibly a reference to the title of another Piggy Tales episode, Puffed Up.
  • This is the first episode in Piggy Tales to feature a pig singing.
  • This is the only episode of Piggy Tales to have snow in it.
  • This episode reveals that a Minion Pig has a very long tongue.
  • This is the only episode of Piggy Tales to be a special.



  • Minion Pig
  • Piggy Snowman (exclusive appearance)


Piggy Tales "Snowed Up" - Holiday Special

Piggy Tales "Snowed Up" - Holiday Special

My tounge is stuck help me

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